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The Medical Device Company

by angelihunter

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Have you ever heard of a company that manufactures medical devices and is an OEM manufacturer at the same time? This is the company you are looking for. This company was incorporated in 1994 and is a medical device manufacturer who is also recognized internationally as one of the best OEM manufacturers with years of combined experience. This company has dedicated itself to advance custom product design, manufacturing and services that will truly satisfy their customer beyond what is expected. Their medical products are now used in the fields of Pediatrics, Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, ENT and Interactive Radiology. With regard to the company’s OEM manufacturing, their professional services cater to Design, Engineering and Prototyping in small to large scale production. The company, a medical device manufacturer not only makes medical devices but is also an OEM company who has a comprehensive range of services like design, molding, calendaring, extrusion, assembly and In-house Machine shop services. 

Since 1985, this Original Equipment Manufacturer has been one of the few completely integrated suppliers of custom manufactured medical devices. Its facilities offer high quality design, prototype and the manufacture of quality silicone components and assemblies. In times when a company is in need of a difficult component, this company can help develop the product meeting the strictest specifications of the company in need. Strength of this company is developing creative solutions that will meet the most challenging design problems. Your business is this company’s business too. With a history of creative and advanced thinking, the ability to meet design challenges and an understanding of cost and value, this company, taking the team approach will meet your needs involving every department. With a unique approach to custom manufacturing, this company allows for flexible, rapid and cost efficient solutions to meet the needs posed before them.

As mentioned earlier, this company is a medical device manufacturer whose medical products are latex free. As an innovative company, it has come up with a new product called Dr. Clean. This product is a patent pending surgical glove cleaner that is called a cleaning “football” which is used in wire based vascular procedures and pacemaker/ICD implant procedures. It is a high tech polymer that is used for ultra-cleaning of semi-conductor wafers. A wafer such as silicone crystal is used in the manufacture of integrated circuits and other micro-devices. The polymer removes all contaminants and moisture. Ultra-cleaning technology is now being used by the Dr. Clean device to remove blood and contaminants. Dr. Clean also helps fight against wire tackiness by keeping the physician’s surgical gloves moist and clean. 


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