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Common Faults with Satellite Dishes

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On the whole, if a satellite dish has been fitted by a professional satellite dish installer, they are very reliable and can be left alone to work perfectly well. There are occasions however when faults occur making a digital television signal poor or even unable to pick up any signal at all. This can be for any number of reasons but regardless of the fault it is always the best practice to enlist the help of a specialist satellite dish installer to find the fault and get the problem fixed without delay.

Fault Finding

The most common problems reported with satellite dishes are:

  • A reduction in picture quality

  • Missing channels

  • Poor quality sound

  • Intermittent sound and vision

  • Interference or pixilation that ruins the picture

If you’re experiencing any of these then it’s time to call in asatellite dish installer. The fault could be something very simple such as a loose wire, or it could be something in the atmosphere or a fault with the main receiver.

Common faults that can cause a reduction in digital television signal include:

  • The weather, particularly high winds, snow and storms

  • Large trees or new buildings that might have been built between the satellite dish and the main transmitter

  • Worn or damaged cables

  • Wildlife, especially pigeons, can cause trouble and have even been known to nest in the satellite dish!

  • Poorly installed dishes. This does happen which is why it’s so important to hire a satellite dish installer who can verify their credentials and who operate with a trusted and reliable company

Calling in an Expert

Checking for faults on a satellite dish is a hazardous task. Don’t put yourself at risk and call in a trained, qualified satellite dish installer. An expert will be equipped with a harness to comply with Health and Safety guidelines and will know what to look for when checking for faults that have resulted in a poordigital television signal.

Reputable satellite dish installers will be able to show you proof of qualifications, affiliation or membership with leading industry bodies and be experienced to deal with all manner of problems.

By choosing an experienced satellite dish installer you can be sure the service you receive will be professional and furthermore the engineer will be adequately insured and competent to deal with any problems that may occur.

Clearing Common Faults and Staying Safe

Don’t let common faults with digital television signal ruin your viewing pleasure. Call in a professional satellite dish installer to find and fix the fault effectively and safely.


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