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Covered Call Screener Aids Investors During Risky Ventures

by coveredcalls

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Investing in the stock market can be very risky. Prices of stocks can increase one day and then drop the next.  Stockholders and investors naturally want to protect themselves in case the prices of stocks they own drop in the future, so many create covered call options. Writing covered calls is a strategy wherein an investor or stockholder enters a contract for a stock he owns. The investor or stockholder not only gets paid for entering into an agreement, but he can also retain the stock he sold if the price of the stock is lower than the strike price. Entering into agreements for covered calls can be complicated, especially for first-time investors, but they can receive substantial help by subscribing to websites with premium services like Barchart.


A reputable provider of financial market information, Barcharthas been in business for over 80 years. Throughout its history, the company has consistently formulated tools that enable financial market investors to maximize their earnings potential. One of the tools that the company has created is the screener for covered calls, which allows investors to screen the best calls depending on price and time range. With the Barchart screener, investors who subscribe to this program can easily find calls that are best suited to their trading strategies. They can easily sort contracts and find one that suits their portfolio.

The Barchart call screener is so easy to use that even novice traders will be able to properly utilize it in no time at all. There is a search button where users can type equity symbols. Users can also see profitability calculations, as well as downside protection and gains in case the price of the stock remains flat, as well as yearly returns. The screener also filters stocks according to market and exchange capitalization. The screener can sort information based on earning reports that will soon be made public so traders can further increase their protection if the stock prices slide in the future. Traders can also filter calls by stocks that have the highest dividends.


With the covered call screener from Barchart, traders will have a more solid understanding of the market and this increases the likelihood that they may earn a profit from their investments. Any trader who is looking to write covered calls should consider subscribing to With this powerful tool, maximizing trading gains in the covered call options market is within reach.

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