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How To Set-up Bathroom According To The Rules Of Vastu Shast

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The bathroom is the place to cleanse the body. What for? In order to be clear and in tune with yourself. It's that simple once. It is very important to design the home bathroom according to the Vastu Shastra rules. So that here are some rules for designing your bathroom in your own house.


Learn how to design and set up according to Vastu rules the bathroom. The bathroom is the place of purification in the house. The bathroom should be clean and shiny. This supports our own cleaning and is - right here - particularly important. Use scented oils and choose a corner with lots of green plants. To reinforce a clear, clean atmosphere.


The place for the bathroom


The bathroom is associated with the moon. Therefore be suitable as a place of the north and east. The best position is to the east. Especially since the mild rays of the morning sun are healthy and promote the start of the day. The body absorbs the sun's first rays on during the morning toilet. So the bath is recommended in the east.


If you have an apartment with bathrooms inside, you have to make compromises in the way unfortunately. Nevertheless, there is some truth to the saying "The early bird gets the worm."


Do you know the ancient tradition of yoga in the morning to worship the rising sun? These are the Surya Namaskar (German: Sun Salutations) - The Adoration of the light. Vastu comes from the same source of tradition. Vastu transfers this spiritual practice in furnishings and interior design.

Rules for the bathroom


Generally, a flat bottom is recommended. The bathroom is an exception: it is favorable if the floor is slightly inclined to the north or east. This is because of the water and because of the energy flow.

Water should always drain away to the north. This also applies to the pipes.

The colors of the bathroom


Bright fresh colors fit in the bathroom. The colors blue and light green are best for a bathroom. Think of it as Turkish baths.


The furniture and decor of the bathroom.


For the position of the furniture in your bathroom the directions are important.


North - a favorable area for mirrors and reflective surfaces (including tiles). But not the whole wall is to be tiled. This would build up the energy.


East - alternative site for mirrors and mirror surfaces


South - toilet, bathtub. In Vastu advises you to put toilet and bath or shower in the Southeast corner. Along with a tiled east wall is a perfect solution.


West - Bath. The west of the bathroom is so to speak the "second choice" for it.


Not only in the cold season: Built-sauna for home .


Harmony and symmetry - the wisdom of the water


Harmony has to Vastu Vidya of central importance


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