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Tips on Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messges Easily and

by Tossnara

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WhatsApp is undisputedly one of the leading messaging service providers across the globe today.
The huge popularity of this messaging app can be attributed to its ability to send video clips, audio files and share pictures with all others who have downloaded this wonderful app on their cell phones without having to pay heavily for doing so, if you have an internet connection on your phone.
But sometimes we accidentally deleted or lost the WhatsApp Messenger chats? Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to get back your chat history on your phone.
WhatsApp automatically makes daily backups of your data and stores them on your phone. You can recover the most recent backup by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Here’s how it’s done:
Reinstall WhatsApp
Uninstall WhatsApp from your Android phone. You can do this by searching for the WhatsApp Messenger page in Google Play and clicking the Uninstall button. Once it’s been uninstalled, click on the blue Install button to reinstall WhatsApp.
Restore your history
After the installation process WhatsApp will ask you “would you like to restore your message history from backup?” Tap 'Restore' and wait while your chats are recovered.
Recovering from older backups
If the chat you want still isn’t there you could try restoring from an older WhatsApp backup. Backups are kept for the last seven days on your memory card. To do this, you first need to find the backup file and rename it. Install an file manager app such as ASTRO File Manager and find the WhatsApp backups folder. It will be saved here: /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database.
Rename the backup file
Find the backup file for the date you last remember having the conversation saved (within the last seven days, remember) and rename it from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”, using your file management app.
Reinstall Whatsapp
Once you’ve done this go back to step one (i.e. reinstall WhatsApp) and it will restore your chat history based on the backup version you specified.
Recovering with data recovery utility
For the data deleted without backup, the only solution is to use professional data recovery software to recover WhatsApp messages. As we deleted the chat log frequently, more and more fragmented files generated. Professional WhatsApp recovery tools like WhatsApp Pocket analyse these files and create complete information for you.
The most important thing is, by default, your backups are created on a regular schedule.But it's best to make a backup anytime you want.

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