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Improving Mental Status of Elderly in Their Nineties Cancels

by jacobpastierre

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According to a new research found, those that are in their 90s today are better off than people who were in their 90s a decade ago and today getting old may look brighter. Research published in the British medical journal The Lancet by a group out of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense reviewed different parameters of mental agility in those elderly.
There were 2262 people between 92 and 93 in age in the first group and all were born in 1905 and were living in 1998 while the second group was during 2010, there were 1584 people who were all born in 1915 and was all between 94 to 95 years old in 2010.

The result of the study was those who were born in 1915 had 32 percent better chance at reading at the age of 95 and they performed both physical and mental tests far better compare to those who were born a decade earlier even in the same age. In addition, a considerable higher proportion of those who were born in 1915 got the utmost scores on mental tests, although they were older at the age of testing than those who were born in 1905.
The study also considered the fact the two groups differ in education because on average 1915 group had reached higher average levels of education compare to the 1905 group. But on women who had the similar level of education the results were did show a cognitive improvement from being born 10 years later even being born at both times.

According to the paper: “Even after adjusting for the increase in education between the 1905 and 1915 cohorts, the 1915 cohort still performed better in the cognitive measures, which suggests that changes in other factors such as nutrition, burden of infectious disease, work environment, intellectual stimulation, and general living conditions also play an important part in the improvement of cognitive functioning.”

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