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All that you should know about conveyancing solicitor

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The conveyancing solicitor is the responsible party who undertakes the legal proceedings involved in property dealing. Under the laws of the United Kingdom, a coveyancer is either a solicitor with experience in conveyancing or a licensed conveyancer dedicated for the work. They need to be a member of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and listed in their website. The buyer or seller can also act as their conveyancers but you are advised to appoint a conveyancing specialist for the job to avoid complications in the long run. Property conveyancing involves great deal of paperwork, extensive property title search and surveys, which you may find overwhelming to manage if you are not a professional. A conveyancer is commissioned to undertake the tasks related to obtaining clearance and making the title marketable.

Some conveyancers work as free agents whereas others may be employed by conveyancing firms. He must obtain a license and register himself under Council for Licensed Conveyancers and get listed in their website. Any solicitor can also work as a conveyancer as well but they are a tad bit expensive compared to licensed conveyancers.

The tasks undertaken by a conveyance are:

  • The conveyancer undertakes the duty of performing extensive research on the property title to ensure that no string is attached and the title is marketable. This task includes dealing with the local authorities and other administrative bodies. It also means that the conveyancer ensures that the property title isn’t responsible for paying any previously unpaid debt.
  • Surveying the property and preparing the homebuyers report. It is an important document based on which the buyer would make the buying decision. This report would reveal if any sewer runs close to the property or if it is responsible for repairing the local church etc.
  • The conveyancer would act as your agent in the deal to secure your interests. If necessary he will also draft the contract and check its terms to check if those are meeting your conditions. He looks into that the standards are met while signing the contract.
  • He also completes the formalities involved in paying banking charges, stamp duties etc. and prepares documents required for obtaining mortgage. If you are the seller the conveyancing solicitor will also receive the money from buyer’s lender on your behalf.

Normally, cnveyancing takes three months for completion. Hiring conveyancing specialist is the most important part of the task. You can now check and compare conveyancing quotes online to get the best quote in your area. Ask you conveyancer to give proper breakup of his charges so that you can get a fare idea of his fees. Read the contract carefully to avoid being duped by a conveyancer. 

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