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The Flash System 710 - Another Name for Speed and Performanc

by swethar

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The accelerator of our lives is not completely in our hands now-a-days. It is in the hands of our high tech devices spread all around. They control the speed of our lives. Saving a minute sometimes brings immense profits and losing one minute may bring loss. Time management is thus of extreme importance in recent days and the flash system commits to bring that speed in your life; speed and performance that is bound to fetch prosperity in your business, and in turn in your life.

Flash System 710 is designed in 1U rack model and consists of a LCD display to highlight system errors, 21 flash cards, which in turn owns 20 SLC flash memory chips which comes around to 420 memory chips in total. It has a capacity of 5.15 TB. It is composed of a single level cell flash technology, active spare features, and swappable power supplies. The basic difference between Flash System 710 and Flash System 720 is that while the earlier is made to be more focused on performance, Flash System 720 is more focused on capacity and capability enhancement. This flash system is capable in maintaining its speed and performance even when there is a huge workload of both read and writes functions. The bandwidth of this storage system is 5 GB per second which enables usage of this system over several hosts with optimum performance. It has the capability of connecting 8 hosts at a time with the help of fiber channels.

This storage device keeps equal pace with your fast processor, hence the processor need not wait for data, which makes transactions faster and saves both time and money, making vital improvements in application performance, increasing customer satisfaction. But speed is not all that you require out of a high end storage system, the data needs to be correct and protected. The Error Correction Code (ECC) feature rectifies random bit errors and the Cyclic Redundancy Check, CRC, in short, safeguards the data after each error check, thus, it may be termed as a layered process. It has battery support to support your ram to shut down with ease in case of power failure. Flash System 710 is made mainly to support enterprises and hence, every step and precaution have been taken so that the business continues. If any fault occurs in the storage system, the card gets isolated from the rest of the system and the system continues to work normally.

Last but not the least, servicing is not a headache in case of this flash storage system. Customer replaceable unit, on-site warranties and service up gradation options are available and this system can be used on servers of various brands. Hence, it can be said with certainty, you are sure to get the best value for your money if you are using the latest storage technology; the flash technology.

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