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Armless American Writes 6 Books While Traveling Asia

by jeassonlens

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When asked what message he has for other disabled people, he laughed and said, “In any city in the world you can see millions of people with whole bodies who are more disabled than I am. They’re living meaningless lives stuck in jobs they hate without knowing why. I’m totally alive, living a life without limits.”

Richard’s writing began in 2006 when he received a series of meditation teachings from Krishna Kantha, the Living Saint of Thailand, at Krishna’s orphanage high in jungle covered hills near Three Pagoda Pass on the Thai-Burmese border.

He began keeping a journal about how Krishna’s mind-to-mind psychic teachings were propelling him into deeper and deeper states of meditation. His journal eventually became The Beggar & The Shaman trilogy.

Book I, Spiritual Awakening, describes his days in Thailand with Krishna, adventures with an ex movie star Muslim Imam, a Buddhist who became a monk after being shot three times by fellow gangsters, eccentric American expats and body skewering Kwan Yin devotees.

Healing Demons is about his struggles supporting his journey by banging a gong on street corners to collect donations while he battles demons, both inner and outer. Richard suffers psychic attacks from powerful black magic practitioners in modern day Singapore. Asia’s traditional magical practices still thrive beneath the veneer of its ultra modern metropolises. The battle leads him to beautiful Lake Toba, nestled deep in an Indonesian volcano, home of the indigenous Batok people.

The Golden Lotus is set in South India, home of the Siddhars, an ancient order of aesthetics who eschewed traditional religious practices to meditate in caves and on mountain tops in their quest for the deepest possible experience of God. Richard is searching for the teachings that will enable him to transform his broken body into pure light. In easy to follow conversations, he shares with readers the practices he received from both living and dead Gurus.

Richard’s other three volumes are a set of how to books containing meditation practices that take people from beginning meditation to realization.

Four of his books are available as Kindle E-books on Amazon. The rest will be available on Amazon this summer.

You can support Richard Crown’s journey, and grow Spiritually yourself, by taking a personal meditation course from him via Skype/Telephone at





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