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Business Function Automation through FileMaker Software

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FileMaker is one of the frequent database software options when users are considering creation of database without knowledge or expertise in SQL. Filemaker also helps immensely in crafting a low-traffic database primarily meant for internet use. This progressive yet simple tool comprises the world’s most reliable database application, facilitating development of business solutions at a comparatively faster pace and at affordable rates. Filemaker Pro enables end-users to conveniently publish data, update information and produce reports with some simple clicks. This effective development system operates on Windows computers and Apple Macintosh, and also has a mobile edition named FileMaker Go operating across iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad platforms.

On the whole, Filemaker application development is picking up steam because the software comes with a bouquet of beneficial features which can be broadly summarized as follows:

  • User-friendly: Computer programs are termed user-friendly when their usability is not dependent upon the computer literacy level of the user. Both computer savvy individuals as well as novices would be able to fully utilize the specific computer program’s full capacity without spending extra effort or time. The user interface of Filemaker Pro is such that even a person who is not a database developer can use the program. Other relational databases call for adequate training, hence only people proficient with the database are capable of working with the same.
  • Convenient to Begin: Businesses leverage databases for storing information regarding their clients, products, revenues, expenses and employees so that the data can be analyzed afterwards and proper business decisions can be made. Small businesses as well as other individuals, organizations and groups also need to use databases. The Filemaker software’s user interface enables even smaller users to start their own database without investing much effort or money.
  • Trouble-free Expansion: Certain databases are user-friendly simply because they are not complete. This implies that such databases direct a considerable portion of their programming for developing the user-interface, with the result that not much is left for building the storage capacity. This problem does not arise with Filemaker Pro, which has convenient user interface as well as dedicated storage capacity. Hence a small business which leverages Filemaker in the initial start-up phase can continue to use the same when the business expands.

Driving Business automation with Ease
Let us consider the example of an invoice that requires reverse engineering. Time is required to synchronize all the fields and functionalities prior to entering the elements within a document. Spreadsheet is a handy tool for entering these requirements as they automatically form a list. Each field becomes a distinct data element such as customer name, invoice number, invoice amount, phone number and address.

Instead of gathering the elements and making spreadsheet entry, an invoice screen can be simply created in Filemaker software. Exhibiting behavior similar to a spreadsheet tool, FileMaker aids the entry of each element of data, including row entry in a spreadsheet. Following entry of each row, Filemaker generates a screen which possesses all the functionalities for inserting, deleting and updating. A robust tool set facilitates easy and quick manipulation of the objects and their placement at distinct page locations, after which logic is inserted for every data element. With simply a small number of clicks, the new features are ready to be utilized, and all this can be done while running the FileMaker application simultaneously.

A FileMaker developer proficient in Filemaker software capabilities and development methods can introduce more intricate features or go for integration of features from different installations. The flexibility of FileMaker software enables it to rope in functions and features developed through plug-in use at some other FileMaker installations. Plug-in usually means code packages that can be turned off and on while the software is in operation.

The software already comes with key applications for health, business and distribution services and hence does not require every feature to be programmed. Known as templates, these applications possess all functionalities for creating, printing, tracking as well as accounting for specific data types. Filemaker thus becomes an immensely versatile tool for business function automation empowering companies with features that offer convenient deployment and updations.

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