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How To Read Floor Plans And House Drawings

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Now that you have received your set of blueprints and floor plans in Auckland from the construction company or from a professional firm dealing with preparing these types of drawings for construction firms and individuals, you would be overwhelmed of having taken the first step towards the construction of your dream house. Once the initial happiness is over, time arrives to walk with the construction professionals. House drawings and complete set of blueprints are important documents when it comes to construction field. These documents will have notations, keys, incomprehensible lines and a jumble of symbols that are hard to understand by normal individuals like us. On the other hand, people in the real estate field and civil engineering field can visualize the entire structure of the building just at the first sight of these documents.

Even though, initially you might feel it difficult to understand floor plans in Auckland, you will find that they are easy to understand once you gain some experience in the field. Even though, you might not be able to create professional looking documents, you can just understand what they are telling. For people, who cannot understand these diagrams, it would be easy to understand photos of houses. This is why most of the construction firms these days are showing interest towards professional property photography in Auckland. Now, let us have an understanding about how to read these documents:

Generally, the complete set of floor plans will have the foundation, floor, framing and roof plans and it will also include drawings like, interior elevation, exterior elevation, section, detail and working, window and door schedule, electrical schematic and plumbing schematic drawings. To read a blueprint, you should have a little background and concentration.

Generally, floor plans should show all floors in a house inclusive of basement and each and every room will be properly labeled like bedroom, master bedroom, utility area, kitchen area, bathrooms, living, dining and guest room and additional spaces if any.

All features like cabinets, windows, doors and closets would have been distinctly marked. The dimension will show the entire depth and width at their deepest and widest points and these will be marked somewhere close to the floor plan drawing.

If you have handed over the task of preparing the plan to a professional firm with expertise in this arena, you can also ask for professional property photography in Auckland since some these firms provide not only floor plans, but also professional looking images as well even before the construction of buildings.

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