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Preparing For Your First Trip to the Pilates Studio

by anonymous

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Pilates is one the most popular physical fitness system in the Western world. For the past few years, with the setting up of a Pilates studio in so many places, it has been picking up pace in the East too.

The quest for fitness is something that so many are after. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with being healthy and toned. This is why, as soon as you enter a Pilates studio, you see women of all shapes and sizes getting ready for some fun.

For beginners, it can be quite difficult to get accustomed to Pilates routines. Here is a rundown of all you should expect in a Pilates studio:

• What to Wear: have you ever had a moment where you entered a place and realized that you were the only one dressed differently? Well, it can happen in a Pilates studio too. Although workout clothes are the usual casual wear, avoid baggy clothes at all costs. When you stretch or lift, it can be revealing. You don’t want to flash the entire Pilates studio, do you?

Also, leave out the jewellery and the makeup. One goes to a Pilates studio for a workout, not for a party. Also, one tends to sweat a lot and use apparatus which one’s jewels can catch on.

• Do a Trial: Most Pilates studios allow you a trial class, where you can interact with other participants and check out the teaching methods of the instructor. The first class is always the most difficult one. You are in a new place, perhaps surrounded by strangers, and an instructor you don’t know is issuing, well, instructions. But, do not be disheartened. Stick with it and you just might end up loving it. the first week will be difficult; you will be sore, but it gets easier as you go.

• Instructor Travails: The instructor warrantees a separate point. He- or she- is that important. When you sign up for a trial, make sure that the instructor is the right kind for you. Do you like a soft spoken, gentle-mannered teacher, or do you like to be ordered around? Choose well. Also, check the instructor’s credentials. You don’t want a complete novice teaching Pilates.

• What kind of Pilates?: Now, there are two kinds of Pilates. One involves the use of apparatus, which includes a low massage table lookalike and stretchable cables for stretching and toning your muscles. The other one is performed on a mat- kind of like Yoga.

Many prefer the mat Pilates because it seems easier to do. That is not the case. Both kinds require equal dedication.

For those like splashing around in the water, try water Pilates. Also called hydro Pilates and Aqua Pilates, you get to do this in a swimming pool. You don’t have to be stuck in a Pilates studio.

• Diet and Nutrition: Most people ignore the all-important diet and nutrition. Exercising does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. You have to eat healthy, and before your appointment at the Pilates studio- eat light. Try eating high-energy food- not red bull- so that you have plenty of energy for the Pilates routines. Some of them require a lot of exertion on your part.

There! Just keep these simple instructions in mind and you are prepared for your first appearance at the Pilates studio.

Looking for calm, soothing Pilates studio with excellent teachers? Head straight to the Pilates Flow Studio ( ) , which follows the original- and true- Pilates method. For more information on Pilates, visit Wikipedia.

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