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What does liposuction do?

by gregore

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Liposuction is perhaps the most frequently chosen plastic surgery for the removal of unwanted fat. Unfortunately, it isn’t a cure for obesity. It is designed to contour the body, targeting the abdomen, thighs, hips, and “love handles”. These are areas where fat will accumulate, primarily with age, but lifestyle plays a factor as well. Even when you use dieting and regular exercise to lose weight, these fat deposits for the most part, will remain. This is particularly frustrating because dieting and exercise takes commitment and hard work. Herein is the reason why liposuction is so popular.


It is a busy life we lead and getting busier every day. We all spend so much time on various communication devices and handheld computers etc. that even though we are connected, our various phones and pads actually isolate us. And in truth, we only have ourselves. Therefore, it is important that we remain in good health. Weight loss is essential to well being. If you are within your target weight, but have unwanted fat deposits, you could conceivably suffer from low self-esteem that often accompanies not looking our best, or what we perceive as our ideal best. Cosmetic surgery is performed hundreds of thousands of times a year for various reasons. So it is clear that our appearance is important in how we regard ourselves, and how it affects how others regard us.


Liposuction is a surgery and therefore subject to the inherent risks and complications associated with all surgery. A skilled cosmetic surgeon who has experience with the procedure that you are interested, in will minimize these risks.  Since liposuction surgery has such a high satisfaction ratio, it is evident that this surgery is quite safe. If you are in reasonably good health there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of lipo. For more details about liposuction click here.


Once you have made the decision to move forward with liposuction, the next step is to engage the services of a qualified plastic surgeon. You can ask friends and colleagues who may have had a procedure, or ask your family physician to make a recommendation. The most important factors are board certification, experience with the procedure, and how comfortable you feel with the surgeon.


If you are considering the liposuction procedure in Houston, get in touch with Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a Plastic, Cosmetic, & Reconstruction Center that offers plastic surgery to the Houston Metropolitan area. Dr. Patrick Hsu, our chief surgeon, is a board certified liposuction surgeon. His expertise and skill have made him a preeminent plastic surgeon with many satisfied patients. His focus is on safety and comfort and helping you achieve your desired look. He takes great care, and develops a rapport with his patients. He understands that choosing any form of cosmetic surgery is personal, and your privacy is very important to him. He will explain the benefits of lipo and how it can improve your appearance by shaping a new you.

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