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Make the Most Out of Your Website in Sydney with SEO

by kristofermcginty

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Just as schoolchildren vie for the most “liked” status updates and photographs on Facebook, so do businesses—especially those who provide the same services in the same locality—compete to outrank each other on the first page of Google search results. If a person needs something, he inputs a few keywords into Google, Bing or Yahoo, hits the search button and clicks on the first few results, hoping that what he is looking for is there.

Rarely do people look at sites that are not in the top results or at the very least on the first page of search results; therefore if your company does not show up on the first page of search results, the chances of people actually finding your website are rather slim. Fortunately, there's a remedy for getting ranked low: it's called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO in Sydney and other major Australian cities is a big business, and rightly so: when done right it can propel your business to new levels of success.

Website rankings are determined by algorithms used by Google and other search engines. The kind of SEO small business companies use takes into account the most common keywords people type in when searching for products that the business offers.

If, for example, you manage a company website that gives day tours to Sydney's tourist attractions, then keywords for your business might be “sydney day tours”, “sydney city tours”, “sydney private car” or “sydney blue mountains”. Once the keywords have been identified, the SEO company will determine which among the keywords are used most by Sydney tourists, then work those into your site in order to get your page to rank in the top results.

SEO specialists are able to improve your results ranking in a legitimate manner because they have the industry knowledge on how the search algorithms work. To make matters more complicated, these algorithms change from time to time, with major changes occurring at least once a year.

This means that what worked last year to boost your site rankings might not be relevant any more this year, as search engines refine their ideas on what makes a website relevant. Check for more info.


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