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Los Angeles Shredding Services: Taking Secrets to the Grave

by rubybadcoe

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Identity theft is one of the most prolific crimes in America, and large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles certainly aren't safe from this transgression. The crime typically entails illegal use of a person's credit card or Social Security number. As many as 10,000 victims of identity theft in Los Angeles were recorded within the year 2003, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Identity thieves can steal from victims' back accounts as soon as they get their hands on sensitive account information. The problem is that such data can be easily retrieved from tax returns, credit card statements, receipts, and other related documents thrown haphazardly into waste bins. As such, businesses and consumers may wish to routinely hand over confidential records to Los Angeles shredding professionals for secure document destruction and disposal.

Sensitive documents can be destroyed either by burning them or by burying them in a composting pit hidden well away from the public. However, neither method may prove as thorough as shredding each sheet into indecipherable pieces. With the right equipment, shredding is quite safe, is more environment-friendly than burning, and makes the material easily compostable to boot.

Likewise, those who need to shred tons of documents en masse can turn to Los Angeles shredding experts for quick and thorough document destruction. Armed with a large shredding device that's mounted to the back of a truck, these professionals can reduce an entire pile of documents into ribbons within moments. For additional convenience, customers can arrange for professional shredders to conduct onsite shredding.

Companies who routinely handle confidential information on a daily basis will find professional shredders invaluable. For one, these companies don't need to invest in shredding equipment. In addition, companies simply need to give professional shredders a call when they're starting to run out of storage space.

People are advised to keep their financial records to themselves and never show them to strangers. To ensure that sensitive information doesn't fall into the hands of crooks, individuals can approach professional shredders to completely destroy confidential documents. For a list of documents that require thorough and safe disposal via shredding, visit

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