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Gay Bar Review: Southwood Cheap Group Drinks at The Boiler R

by stephenscotland

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Gay Bar Review: Southwood Cheap Group Drinks at The Boiler Room Manhattan


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This is my absolute favorite gay bar in the city!  And I would not deny that I come here often, I love the ambiance of a normal crowd, fun laid-back environment and more especially the cheap drinks.  Yes, this is my favorite lounge because of the cheap drinks.  Yes seriously they have cheap drinks, but the lounge doesn’t look and feel cheap at all.  In addition to that, the bouncers are nice, the bartenders aren't overly friendly but it’s because they're extremely busy pumping out the cheap drinks.


Cheap drinks and fun late night with your friends is the best to after long tiring week loaded with work.  You can even go alone if you want, the crowd is friendly, you will sure to have gained new friends before the night ends.


The crowd would sometimes shift from young and artsy to old and creepy throughout the week and even sometimes throughout the night. The Boiler Room doesn’t discriminate, everyone’s welcome.   Usually though, there are a good group of interesting people to talk to, dance with and play pool, as I mentioned earlier, you will sure to have new found friends if you hang out in this lounge.  Even if in the case that there wasn't though, I'd still come for the cheap drinks and nice bartenders.

I absolutely recommend The Boiler Room as a great starting point, or even as a place to end your night, like I always do. I guess what I'm saying is make sure you stop by and enjoy the strong but cheap drinks.  I always have so much fun here I am sure all of you will enjoy too.


In addition I have not at all experienced so sheltered before.  Whenever I am here, it is just so comfortable, I love it, and it’s amazing.  If ever I feel the need of affectionate attention or showers of compliments I should just head here.  This place is my escape; it's like being a spoilt pet sounded by beautiful men, great cheesy music and cheap drinks.  Plus everyone dances; I can dance too and get rid of all the stress.


Come to think about this, cute and clean boys in a dark brick wall pub type setting which offers cheap drinks in New York.  And there is the pool table.  This is a place where you hang out and talk for awhile.  So The Boiler Room later?

Gay Bar Review: Southwood Cheap Group Drinks at The Boiler Room Manhattan


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