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Linux Reseller Hosting Important Advantages and Disadvantage

by leoturpin61

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One of the best ways of earning money on the internet is by getting into the reseller hosting business. Increasing numbers of people are eager to have their own web based businesses. One important requirement for an online business is to have the best web hosting service which is reliable, feature rich and affordable at the same time. If you are planning to sell Linux reseller hosting then you should first understand its advantages and disadvantages. Linux hosting is very different from Windows hosting and each type has its loyal adherents.

The main advantages of Linux server hosting comes from the fact that it makes use of open source software. As a result, it is extremely affordable. It is also very versatile since there are many different applications designed around it. A major advantage comes from the fact that it is compatible with PHP which is one of the most popular programming languages at the present time. In addition, Linux offers a high degree of security and stability when compared to Windows since they do not crash except under extreme circumstances.

People who host their websites on a Linux server are able to do a lot of business because it increases productivity. Also, since it is easy to use they don’t need to spend a lot of time managing their websites.

Linux servers tend to operate at very high speed even though they have huge numbers of web domains. It also scores over Windows hosting on account of having a very user friendly interface. As a reseller, you will be able to host as many customer accounts as you get and you will also be able to manage them with a great deal of ease.

A huge disadvantage of Linux server hosting comes from the fact that it is not compatible with Windows applications. Whether you like Windows or not, it is widely used all over the world and a huge number of websites are therefore designed for its applications. Also, Linux hosting tends to have problems with scalability. Applications such as SQL, ASP and Active Sync, just to name a few, will not run well on Linux. In many instances, they will not work at all.

You have to think about the long term prospects of your reseller hosting business before you get into it since your long term earning capacity depends upon it. Linux currently has a lead over Windows when it comes to popularity because of the reasons mentioned above. This means that you will easily find plenty of customers if you opt for Linux. Get started on your Linux hosting India business without any delay; you will be able to earn a good income this way.


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