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What to Do after Using Men’s Kilt

by rdevance

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You got a men’s kilt for a friend’s wedding. He stated that it is the dress code for men. You did not plan to be different and to be looked at only because you did not stick to the ‘rule’. But after using it for a couple of hours, you have no idea what to do with it anymore. Here are some ideas that you can take into account:

1. Store it.

Store it in your cabinet. Place it in a kilt carrier or kilt hanger. Learn how to fold it the proper way. Remember to check it regularly to guarantee that no molds, larvae and others live in your most precious possession. Make it a point, however, that you have washed and dried it out completely before warehousing.

2. Make the men’s kilt available for rent.

If you want to make the most out of your kilt, it is a good option to make it available for rent. You must make this idea of yours known, of course. Promote it on your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take an image of the Highland dress so individuals can see how it looks. Place specs as well - rental rate, size and the like. Create a rental rule so things are clear between you and the renters.

3. Sell it off.

Sell it if you feel you have no time to maintain it. In addition, convert it to cash if you need to get your money back. Locate a place or website where you can trade it like Craigslist and eBay. Again, be sure you write an outline for your men’s kilt. Get ready to get bids 70 percent lower than its original retail price. It is just typical. But you may also offer your kilt to friends, co-workers, neighbors and others. One of them may be considering your item.

4. Give it to a person who is going to be married.

Do you know a friend who’s about to marry? Give it to him as gift. Tell him that this Scottish dress will make his wedding special. Notify him how much it costs and how it can set him apart from the other people in your circle who had get wed. Of course, he can make a complete Scottish wedding by requesting male sponsors and guests to wear kilts as well.

5. Use it for your own wedding.

Who’s far better to put it to use than you? Why don’t you stage another Scottish wedding and this time, you are the groom. Now, you do not have to shell out for your cloth because you already have one. Now, that’s a lot of savings on your pocket.

Other than the ones stated earlier, you have a lot of things to do with your men’s kilt after you have worn it the first time. You only have to be imaginative. Remember, it is expensive; you do not need to waste the money you spent for it if you will only neglect it after using. Think about something so it will be useful.


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