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Condominium Property Management – Best Left To The Experts

by leoturpin61

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Condominiums are great places to live in because they offer residents many different facilities within easy access and also because they tend to be very secure. However, they also need a lot of maintenance and the cost of this has to be borne by the residents themselves through the condominium owner associations. Condominium property management is involves many different things and it is generally left to a professional property maintenance company. This is because residents do not have the time and knowhow to look after the property themselves.

Condo property management generally consists of many different things such as:

  1. Ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of all the public areas of the condo so that it looks attractive at all times. The building also should be painted every few years.
  2. Upkeep of various equipments such as elevators, lighting, sewage disposal and water pumps etc. Equipment should be maintained regularly, preferably with the help of annual maintenance contracts. This involves a lot of paperwork, both to get the contract and also to keep track of its status.
  3. Hiring security people, concierge, gym instructors, life guards etc. to work in the property based on its facilities.
  4. Offering condo owners electrical and plumbing services whenever problems arise.
  5. Interacting with local authorities regarding permits and licenses.
  6. Utility payments will have to be made on time in order to ensure uninterrupted supply.
  7. Maintenance of the garden surrounding the property, including pest control, trimming etc.
  8. Preparation of tax returns on behalf of the building association.

As you can see, there are many different things that have to be done to keep a condo in very good condition and it is quite difficult to deal with its different demands. The people who join condominium owner associations will not be able to do everything that is necessary for it because they also have to deal with work and family pressures. This will result in the work being done badly and it will also result in a very high cost to the association since it is unlikely to be done efficiently if it is done at all.

Hiring a condo property management company involves a certain cost but this generally results in savings and a better managed property. It is best to hire a company that has a great deal of experience in this field. Keep in mind that a very cheap company will generally offer low quality services to match.


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