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The Best Way To Save Energy And Your Hard Earned Money: LED

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The Best Way To Save Energy And Your Hard Earned Money: LED Light Bulbs

There have been lots of confusion regarding the worth of LED lights but to all that one line of conclusion is that these are far better and reliable than other incandescent light bulbs. Yes, LED light bulbs have been specifically and purposely designed to save energy and this is the reason why they are also known as energy saving lights. There is no doubt to say that these bulbs cost a little expensive but then these have a long life and pose high reliability also. Therefore, in every respect these prove to be much economical to the user.

There comes, different models of LED lights to choose from. Their color, size and life differ, so you can choose one based upon your requirement and affordability. When we talk about LED Light Bulb 3watt (25watt) Dimmable 200 Lumens Warm White, this is the latest model of LED bulbs introduced with a unique and stylish designing. These bulbs have been purposely designed for indoor use but are equally effective for outdoor premises as well. It replaces a 25 watt incandescent bulb so now you can easily compare its effectiveness and worth.

Here are a few features of this LED bulb in detail:

  • It is a dimmable bulb that can be used with AC 120 V.
  • It is an E26 Medium Based bulb that uses 180 degree beam angle.
  • In comparison to incandescent bulbs it is 80% more efficient.
  • It does not consist of UV rays and mercury and therefore are safe to use.
  • There are Seoul LED Chips placed inside these bulbs.
  • These give warm white light up to the range of 3000 K.
  • The total life time of this bulb is approximately 25000 hours.

A wonderful feature to know about this light bulb is that using only 3 watts of energy, it provides 200 lumens which is more than a 25w incandescent bulb. This Dimmable bulb generates low heat and therefore can be used for long hours. It has minimal impact on A/C efficiency and even on the environment.

So whether you are looking for general or decorative lighting for your home, office or business; these serve ideal for all purposes.

As a part of its huge variety, LEDs also come in the form of PAR Recessed Lights. This kind of lighting is ideal to be used as supplemental general lighting for living areas, entryways and even bedrooms. It could be used as task lighting in the kitchen and bathroom as well. Recessed light not only adds drama and width to a place but also create tailing of objects by adding texture to their vertical surfaces.

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