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Safety Vests: A Mandatory Requirement in Every Work Setting

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A Safety Vest is of personal protection to the wearer and it requires him to have high visibility clothing which is normally bright neon, yellow or orange in colour, those colours typically which can be very visible. For increased visibility reflective stripes are added. Protective gear reduces the number of accidents that could occur otherwise. There are a lot of activities that require you to protect yourself with safety vests to avoid major injuries. Safety vests are important protective gears to save lives.

The Class I Safety Vests are small garments and covered with brightly coloured reflective fabric. The Class 2 safety vests are made with highly reflective fabric and recommended for workers who operate near roads, where speeding vehicles drive past. They come in several variants and have no pockets while others have lots of Velcro pockets and patches to store work equipment while working. The Class 3 Safety Vests are the top of the range that come into Hi Vis clothing. These are used for high visibility for even faster vehicles. They have a tear away feature that is built in the vests.

There are scores of people who are killed on the roads or are injured whilst working near roadways. Construction workers, law enforcement people, fire fighters and first responders are all at risk of merging and blending with the environments and those who cannot be seen by motorists. In instances like these wearing a reflective Safety Vest can save your life.

To assure that a safety vest or jacket is visible in bright sun as well as night the garment has to be of a certain standard. Safety vest complying with these standards are becoming very popular and have been accepted in all the industries. Workers at the construction site are required to wear reflective vest and additional high safety apparel. Truck drivers, construction crew and maintenance crews are required to wear this protective safety gear. Workers who use safety class 1 vests may be those retrieving shopping carts from parking areas or those working in wear houses.

The bright colour of the vests can easily catch the eye of people and these vests help you avoid any injury. You get to live only once, so to avoid any injury is best to use appropriate safety gears. The right kind of a safety supply is definitely bound to save lives. So, it becomes mandatory to invest in the right kind of supplies so as to ensure the safety of the employees. Since these are used for various purposes, they are needed in large amounts.

Medical professionals in hospitals and other medical facilities require safety supplies for their own personal safety. Medical professionals are exposed to hazardous areas where chances of contracting diseases is greater and higher, to avoid such problems, a wide range of masks, gloves, faced shields, aprons, shoe covers are widely available for hospital and laboratory work. Improper safety equipment can risk employee’s lives and this may result in accidents. Fire extinguishers are one of the important safety supplies for better risk management. Fire extinguishers installed at your site to avoid fire outbreaks and prevent serious loss and damage. Likewise there are a whole lot of such supplies available for ensuring employee safety.

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