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Ahmedabad: Embracing and Enhancing Language Translations

by anonymous

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Gujaratis have always been outward looking, avid travellers, sea-farers and explorers. The spirit of entrepreneurship that they have demonstrated for generations has given them the ability to adopt new influences and cultures without many reservations. 
While they have reached out to other cultures, traditionally Gujaratis have not explored languages other than English and Hindi. But, all that is changing ever since Ahmedabad has taken firm steps towards becoming a Global city. More than ever, it is easier to find good translators in Ahmedabad. There are professional translation agencies in Ahmedabad doing some really good work and contributing to the literary ethos of the city.
With more and more people travelling, immigrating, and studying abroad, there is a wider exposure and inquisitiveness for foreign languages. People are flocking to learn foreign languages in Ahmedabad with quite a few language institutes mushrooming. There are a number of colleges who are offering foreign languages as an elective and one tends to meet a lot of expats who are in the city as language teachers. They also double up working as interpreters and translators which is a very healthy sign.
But, in this pursuit of foreign languages, interest in Indian languages is waning. You hardly find people interested in taking up a career doing English to Gujarati, Gujarati to English, Hindi to Gujarati, or Gujarati to Hindi translation in Ahmedabad. And even though we have a sizable South Indian population in the city, the interest in South Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam is fairly low.
So, it’s the right time to embrace other languages with open arms. If we actively start pursing translations from and into Gujarati, imagine the vast array of knowledge and cultures that will open up for the Gujarati diaspora. By taking up Gujarati translations in Ahmedabad, we can help the large number of Gujaratis settled across Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world to connect with their roots. By doing so, we shall ensure the preservation and longevity of the Gujarati language. So, this is a call of arms to all the linguists of Ahmedabad to join the Translators Army.
This is not an overnight exercise. If we start today, we shall evolve over time to become better translators, good quality translators, and more professional translators. So, start today.

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