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Dedicated or shared hosting? Choose wisely

by Earthlink1

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Dedicated hosting is that type of web hosting service where websites are offered an entire server. It is actually a server located at some data center which can be controlled by you. Everything ranging from operating system, hardware etc is selected according to your requirements. It is created for those users who don’t want any interference from other websites neither they want to share their storage space. It is a very flexible option and can be customized according to your needs. You can utilize these services if you are facing massive traffic on your site or you are running heavy web applications on it. It is also a good choice for those businesses where confidentiality is the primary concern or the company lacks of technical manpower. It is a tad expensive if compared to the shared one, but you get a lot of options. Nowadays these server services are available with cloud based technology. This increases redundancy and your web-page will be accessible in all conditions.

Shared hosting is completely different from dedicated server hosting. Here the server is shared among multiple sites. The facilities such as bandwidth, storage space etc is shared among various users. In this service technical support, management, security etc is taken care by the service provider. It is economical option with such power features. It is comparatively slower than the dedicated one due multiple use of the given bandwidth. Though there is no privacy concern, one should always take care of the fact that the host is not under his control and work has to be done under several constraints. It is good option for small or medium businesses as you get all the premium benefits in a cost-effective way.

Web hosting services are very important in this competitive age as it gives the maximum possible reach for your products. It is so because internet has now become the most versatile medium to create awareness about the products. Moreover it also an efficient marketing tool as majority of the audiences are using the web. It also provides a provision for file sharing and uploading which increases communication and interaction between employees placed at different locations and hence improves your business. Web hosting services also lowers the burden on your shoulder as now there is no need to have a technical expertise around. This saves both your time and money. So whether you go for shared servers or managed dedicated server type, take care about all the pros and cons associated and select the best one according to your work dimensions.

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