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The Many Benefits of Using an Ultrasound Machine for Home

by homeultrasound

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The biggest advantage of using an ultrasound machine for home use is that you can use it in privacy.  Typically, when we experience pain, it’s time to make an appointment at the doctor’s office. There is the inconvenience of making an appointment, getting there, wasting time in the waiting room until you are called in to be treated. And then, as ultrasound needs to be applied regularly to show results, it is necessary to repeat this process several times per week. These treatments can add up, turning pain relief into a very expensive proposition. More expensive, still, is using surgery as treatment. Surgery doesn’t always “take” and can introduce more pain during the healing process.

Then there are pain medications. Drug interactions can have very serious, and so can overuse. Many pain medications are habit forming and cannot be taken over a long period of time.

What is the solution? Purchase your very own portable ultrasound machine approved for home use. You can receive the same kind of therapy in the comfort of your living room or bedroom without the inconveniences of setting up appointments, traveling to the medical center, and wasting time just to get access to the therapy session.  Plus, patients who have used portable ultrasound equipment have reported no adverse side effects. Make sure to verify that the unit you purchase is US FDA and Health Canada approved for home use.

The home ultrasound machine works the same way as those found in therapist’s clinics and doctor’s offices.  The major difference is that home ultrasound machines can be used by the patient on his or her own, without doctor supervision, while the more complex machines are larger and more complicated.  Either way, the beneficial results from the procedure are virtually the same. 

Ultrasound therapy affords faster tissue healing. It causes tissues to relax by increasing the blood flow to reduce swelling and chronic inflammation. The advantage of increased blood flow is that it delivers more oxygen and necessary nutrients to injured tissue, while removing cell waste.

Ultrasound machines also reduce pain.  They do this by adding heat in the form of sound waves that penetrate deep below the skin and vibrate the tissue. The affected area relaxes allowing scar tissue and adhesions break down. 

Ultrasound therapy is typically a safe and proven method that most doctors highly recommend for their patients, and the ultrasound machine for home use is a great option that you should think about.  Visit the EZUltrasound website for more information at They also carry Sombra Gel, a superior gel that is used to help conduct the sound waves deep into the affected area of your body.

Elsie Dressler is a thirty-year-old writer and editor of several online publicationss and blogs. One of her most knowledgeable topics include ultrasound therapy and at home therapy, including the likes of EZUltrasound ( In her free time she attends concerts and movies in the park after dark. She is an East Coast girl through and through.

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