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Common Questions Women Ask About Abortion

by brownalice101

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The process of deciding about having an abortion is not an easy option for women. While others think otherwise, it remains to be a source of bewilderment to the majority of the female population. Women undergo multiple levels of discernment before coming up with a final decision. Whether they choose to back away from an abortion clinic or proceed going in, the apprehensions are endless. Women, in this kind of situation, think about a lot of things and ask so many questions. They demand for answers and confirmations. They search everywhere they go, and this place is not an exception.

Listed below are some common questions women ask about abortion.

"How soon do I have to make up my mind about my decision to have abortion? "

Abortion is a safe method pregnant women can have given the proper attention and care provided by medical experts. The earlier you decide on having an abortion the safer the procedure will be. Based on the United States law, one can legally have abortion if the pregnancy does not yet exceed 24 weeks duration. Caused by the recent debates, however, Republicans passed a bill limiting the legitimacy of abortion only within the first 20 weeks from contraception. The position being taken by the Republicans are met by an uproar of protests from majority of the people.

On the flipside, the longer the pregnancy, the more complicated abortion will be. So, if you want to have abortion, it is advisable that you visit an abortion clinic as early as you can.

"What are the risks of having abortion?"

This is the most frequently asked question partly because fear always accompanies the word abortion. Some women want to prepare themselves for risks. But to be honest, there is nothing you should worry about. Safe abortion, from the name itself, is safe. The moment you enter an abortion clinic--within the early stage of your pregnancy, that is – consider yourself well taken care of.

Abortion is safe, unless you have committed it without legal supervision, especially during the later months of your pregnancy. If that’s the case, then that is a different story.

"How will I feel after having an abortion?"

A lot of people fear getting what other people call as post-abortion depression. Some women feel relieved after undergoing the procedure; however, others feel very down. Some may feel angry, guilty, regretful and depressed, but these feelings don’t last long. A roller coaster of emotions is natural among those who undergo abortion. However, the emotions are only short-lasting. Recovery from physical and emotional disadvantages happens almost very quickly, especially by having regular conversations to people that are open-minded and understanding. You can find those people in your abortion clinic, or even in your home.

Don’t be too surprised if there are a lot of thoughts going in and out of your mind at this point in your pregnancy. The most important thing is that you are willing enough to have those confusions cleared, and that you are open to be enlightened.

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