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A Beginners Guide To Wearing Circle Lenses

by NiiyaToshiyuki

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You’ve decided to join the fashion revolution and buy circle lenses to complement and enhance your eyes. Whether you’ve owned contact lenses in the past or are new to the world of fashion lenses, it is important to know how to properly care for your contacts in order to prevent causing serious damage to your eyes. Although you may be wearing circle lenses purely as a fashion accessory, they are still considered a medical device in the United States. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration chose to categorize cosmetic circle lenses as medical devices because of their potential to cause serious bacterial eye infections.

Before you buy contact lenses online, make sure that you research the types of lenses that are available. You may also want to talk to your eye care professional about what types of lenses will be a good match for your eyes. Whether you need vision correction on your circle lenses, or you simply want them as a cosmetic lens, your eye doctor will help you chose the best fit. Next, gather all of the necessary cleaning supplies. This includes rewetting drops, contact solution, lens case, and protein remover.

Now you are ready to buy contact lenses online. Just follow a few steps and your circle lenses will be mailed directly to your door. Once you get your lenses, check to make sure that the model, quality, and color match the type that you ordered. There will also be an expiration date listed on the side of the vial. Your strength will be listed on the vial and should be verified as well. Open the vial immediately and rinse your contacts with the multipurpose solution. Store your circle lenses in the contact case for approximately 6 hours before wearing.

When it comes time to wear your lenses, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching them. After taking your lenses out of the case, rinse them again with the multipurpose solution. Put the lens on your index or middle finger. Make sure that your contact is not inverted. Pull down on your lower lid before inserting the lens. To remove your lenses, use your index finger and thumb to pull out the contact. Clean and rinse your contact with the multipurpose solution and return it to the lens case for storage. Use your protein remover at least once weekly to strip your lens of any protein buildup that may have accumulated.

Ensuring that your contacts are cleaned properly is the best way to prevent infections or other serious issues from occurring. When you buy circle lenses, do your research on how to care for them.

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