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Hair loss treatment agents-an approach to overcome baldness

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Baldness is a major problem in today’s human civilization worldwide. Several factors in combination with each other play key role to monitoring this problem. Elevated level of physical as well as emotional trauma increase the rate of hair fall all of a sudden by creating a situation  where hair stop to grow and fall  overnight. Several elements like zinc, biotin serves as nutrients for hair follicle, deficiency of which can catalyst the problem of baldness. Stress and genetic problem boosts up the problem of alopecia aerate where silver dollar size bare spot is noticeable.


With the improvement of modern technology, there have some hair loss treatment solution launched in market which are scientifically approved and FDA recommended. Nioxin has proved itself as a good treatment agent for baldness. But there is a scope of drought, whether, it acts better than other shampoos or not. Some products of Sunsilk, Pantene and Himalaya etc. are formulated to give nourishment to hair follicle and give strength to broken hair. Some medications are recommended for use on long term basis, the examples included are Minoxidil, Propecia, and Avodart. Stopping of use of these medications has not any worst effect. Rogaine is a topical medication is available without any prescription. It is proved scientifically that the medication is suitable for both men and women. It shows activity best on the crown compare to the frontal region. It is available as a 2%solution, 4% solution, etc.


Propecia is recommended for use in case of men .It is one of the most remarkable hair loss treatment agent for menas per FDA. It is from the family of 5 alpha reeducates inhibitor which acts by preventing the hormonal function on hair follicle. Its main function is to guard the remaining hair shaft and it also help to thicken the hair in some extent.


 Minoxidil (Rogaine), wigs, hair transplantation hair extensions, are more common as female hair loss treatment. Propecia may be use after discussion with doctor only. Besides toppik fiber which is a keratinated colored fiber is use for the treatment of baldness in female, but it is also use for male. The biggest advantage of it is that it can be blend with pre existing hair undetectably and but can be remove by shampoo very easily.


Although there are numerous solution in market for the treatment of hair loss, it is difficult to find best hair loss treatment solutionas there may be some effects of the solution on individual and which vary from person to person .But over all it can be concluded that the solution recommended by FDA can be rely to use as harmless one.

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