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How Can a Market Data Feed Enhance the Experience?

by batsdatafeed

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Market data is not just for those interested in the latest financials. A market data feed can also be integrated into websites that are not necessarily financial websites: News media and agencies, data and information providers, agricultural and energy firms, public companies, software providers, and academic institutions. In fact, real-time, historical, and end of day data for website visitors can enhance the end-user’s experience, regardless of your company’s primary field of business.


For instance, data solutions designed for agricultural and agribusiness can be used for grain elevators and co-ops, merchandisers, and brokers. Livestock yards, feedlots, and farmers also need this data, as well. And of course, ethanol plants, bio-energy firms, crop insurance companies can utilize this information. Agribusiness service providers and agricultural software and tech firms need market data feeds, too. Website solutions can also include commodity-based feeds and cash grain prices. These solutions are also available for the mobile user. Posting commodity/futures, stock, foreign exchange, index quotes, and cash grain prices will provide your website visitors a complete picture of what is happening in today’s current agribusiness.


Market data solutions are also perfect for energy companies. Energy brokers, trading firms, and risk management firms provide this data to their website visitors who are interested in investing in energy companies. Market data solutions are also designed for plants and processors of oil, gas, electricity, clean energy, ethanol, and bio-energy. Besides displaying current commodity, stock foreign exchange, and index quotes for energy-based websites, fundamental and technical data, charts, analysis, news and weather are all important feeds to visitors that frequent energy websites. 


Even media websites utilize market data feeds to enhance their websites. Data feed solutions can be customized for newspapers, magazines, news agencies, online news media, publishing companies, television and radio stations, and reporters and news analysts.


All of these business sectors can utilize custom data to improve the loyalty of website visitors to their brand. A market data feed that includes real-time data, delivered in raw or consolidated format. This data can also be delivered in a delayed environment. Historical end of day and historical intraday data feeds can also interest your website visitors. Historical data can be delivered as a database that can be maintained by the third-party website, or can be delivered on-demand, getting historical data to you when your end-user demands it.End of day data for website displays can cover global financial markets. All of these market data solutions are available through Barchart Market Solutions, the leader in the evolution and delivery of market data and information from around the globe. Contact them at for more information.

Rosalie Glanz lives in Omaha, Nebraska. She is an accountant for a corporation in the city, but she also writes part time about valuable resources for investors and traders of the stock market, including information about BATS data feed providers like Barchart Market Data Solutions. She can often be found ice skating or in her garden when she’s not working.

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