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The morning light snuck in between the blinds and shown itself on Hyuna’s face. She forced herself awake and slowly opened her tired eyes. Hyuna put her hands to either side and pushed herself up. Shoving the blankets off, she let out a long sigh. She was dressed only in a white tank top and underwear, but she didn’t mind. The rest of 4Minute was nowhere to be seen, she could do as she please here.

“7:30” She said to herself with a frail expression as she glanced at the clock. Standing up, she stretched her arms above her head and yawned, exhausted from the night before.

“Now where’s...” She jumped at the sudden feel of a tight back-hug. “...yeobo.” Hyuna smiled and lowered her arms.

“Good morning beautiful. How’d you sleep?”

Hyuna turned “You know I hate it when I don’t wake up next to you.”

“I know. I just wanted your morning to be perfect.” Her smile was warm-hearted.

“Dambi, if you’re here, it’s already perfect.”

Dambi lowered her hands to Hyuna’s hips. She didn’t reply. She just looked at her lover for awhile, in-taking her truthful love. Hyuna broke eye contact out of shyness and lowered her head.

“You look so pretty in the morning.” Dambi finally spoke. She looked back up to her. Hyuna’s face was indeed pretty. Even with the light makeup left from the night before, she still looked stage-ready.

“So do you” Dambi had her long brown hair up in a high bun, a light navy tee, and a pair of old looking jeans. “I love you.” Hyuna put her hands on Dambi’s back and led them up under her shirt.

“I love you, too.” Hyuna tried to put on an eyesmile before she was interrupted by a kiss. Hyuna took a step closer, deepening it. She closed her eyes and shared a moment with the one she was so stupidly in love with. Hyuna really wished this moment would last forever. She had never been in love with anyone like this ever before.

Abruptly, Dambi discontinued the kiss and turned away. “Yah!” Hyuna jumped after Dambi and grabbed her hand “I wasn’t finished yet.”

Dambi turned around and the two exchanged a smile. She put both her right and left hands on Hyuna’s shoulders and gently guided her back down on to her bed. Hyuna fixed her position as Dambi crawled on top of her.

Dambi looked down at the person below her “How do you do that?”

“What?” the two made eye contact again

“Your hair looks so perfect, although you haven’t done anything with it yet.” Dambi brushed Hyuna’s hair behind one ear with her fingers.

“It’s because you were so gentle last night.” Hyuna laughed

“Oh...did you want me to be rough?”

Hyuna grabbed Dambi’s collar and pulled them close together. Dambi smiled and rested her cheek on Hyuna's.

“Unnie.”  She carefully pushed Dambi to her left so the two were facing each other. “You’re mine and only mine.” Hyuna spoke proudly as Dambi caressed her cheek.

“You're mine and only mine.” She repeated, tracing Hyuna's jawline.


“If you want to wake up next to me so badly maybe I’ll make you pass out right now.” Dambi moved Hyuna as close to her as possible with forethought.  “You’ll wake up to me surely after that.”Hyuna laughed and slapped Dambi on the shoulder

Dambi stood up and pull Hyuna off the bed. “You wanted something rough right?” She reminded her.

Hyuna's eyes widen, not having a single clue what Dambi is up to until the older woman unbuttoned her jeans. She slowly slid herself off from her pants giving Hyuna a flashback of what she just had last night.


“Do you mind helping me out?” Dambi playfully teased asking Hyuna to help her take her shirt off.

“Do you need help in taking this off too?” She pointed on Dambi's bra.

“No babe. Not yet.” Dambi winked.


Dambi placed her hands on Hyuna's waist, “You know what? Let's try getting more creative.”

“Huh?” Hyuna's brows furrowed.

“We've been doing it on bed for couple of times now, how about we do it somewhere else?”

“What are you up to unni?”

Dambi giggled like a little kid while dragging Hyuna to the shower. She turned on the shower, releasing cold beads of water.

“Yaaaa!” Hyuna screamed as the icy liquid touched her skin.

Dambi's lips shutted Hyuna. Her warm, passionate kiss turns Hyuna's scream into a soft moan.

“Let's keep each other warm, shall we?” She break the kiss with a beautiful smile on her face. Dambi roughly stripped Hyuna off while the younger one stood still with her back leaning on the cold tiles.

Her body unconciously follows—she gave in without a word from Dambi.


Hyuna glanced down on Dambi who's kneeling down busy pulling her panties off. She gripped on Dambi's head and gently pulled her hair, “Why slow down now? I like it rough.”

“Oh really?” Dambi licked her lips, grabbed Hyuna's legs and spread it apart. She caressed Hyuna's inner thigh leaving it numb with every touch.


She leaned closer with her mouth slightly opened. Dambi pressed Hyuna's buttocks back on the wall, finding her comfort while kneeling down. She slowly licked the outer part leading herself inside Hyuna.


Dambi looked up at Hyuna who's sweat completely mixed with the water coming from the shower head. The younger one kept her eyes closed but her hands busily directing Dambi's head into the places where she wanted her to be eaten up.


Dambi saw the desire for more in Hyuna's face. She inserted her two fingers inside the nineteen year old girl, pumping out the juice in her.


“Mmmmm~ Tasty.” She withdrew her fingers and gave it a quick lick.

“Is that the best you got?” Hyuna choked out the words, finding air to breathe.

“Dont you dare me to do more! This is just a warm up!” Dambi slapped Hyuna's butt giving the younger one a feeling of being electrocuted.


She pulled Hyuna down on the cold floor and crawled over her. Dambi left hand started groping Hyuna's breast while her tongue busily sucked the other breast.


Hyuna felt helpless, she cant do anything but to scream.

Dambi stopped and sat up. She smiled at Hyuna, “I like how your voice echoes.”

“Stop talking unni! Continue~”


Without a word Dambi jumped back on top of Hyuna.

“What are you waiting for?” Hyuna asked, wiping the water on her face.

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”


Suddenly the doorbell rang.


“Damnit, I totally forgot.” Dambi rushed back to her bedroom and got dressed as quickly as possible.

“What?” Hyuna stood up and grabbed a towel.

“Leeteuk is here for breakfast.” Hyuna hated that name. In fact, she even hated the person behind the name. He was the only person she'd ever had such hatred for.


“Did you invite him?”

“No...” Dambi looked around eagerly, “Leeteuk kind of invinted himself...then he invited Kahi. I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you.”


“Dont move! Stay here, alright? I'll keep them out of this room.”

“You know you'll be shot if they find me.” Hyuna shouted, frustrated.


The doorbell rang again and Dambi ran out to answer. Hyuna jumped at how hard Dambi slammed the door.


Hyuna let herself fall back on the bed, “I dont like we keep our love a secret. It hurts more and more everyday to know he loves her. I cant tell if I'm filled with envy or sadness anymore.” She thought as she pictured Leeteuk and Dambi reuniting at the door of her dorm. “Is she ashamed?” Hyuna stared up at the roof. “I cant share her anymore...I really cant.”




“Hey baby!” Leeteuk greeted me with a boquet of fresh roses. “What took you so long? Why are you soaking wet?”

“Oh hey.” Dambi greeted him back and accepted the flowers. “I was at the sho--”


Leeteuk leaned forward cutting Dambi's explanation—he was expecting a warm welcome kiss on the lips from her. Dambi swiftly moved aside avoiding any contact on the lips.


“How weird would it be to kiss him on the lips after making out with Hyuna.” She thought to herself.


“Wow, this is pretty. Thank you Teukkie!” She turned her back on him walking back to the house while sniffing the flowers.


Dambi was secretly glancing back at him as she fill the vase with water. He was sitting comfortably on my couch with his feet resting on the center table. After a few minutes, the doorbell rang again—it was Kahi. “Great! More company!” She said drying my hands on the back of my jeans before opening the door.


“Good morning Son Ddang~” Kahi hugged her as she entered the house. “Why are you so wet? Do you own towels?”

“I just got out of the shower.” Dambi lightly explained.

“So, what are we going to eat for breakfast?”


“Umm...honestly, I havent cooked anything yet.” I grinned trying my best not to piss her off or whatsoever. “How about we eat outside?” I desperately suggested.


“Hmm...sounds good to me.” She looked back at Leeteuk who's busy watching basketball, “How about you Teukkie. What do you think?”


“Let's just stay here. Call up some delivery.”


“But...but...” I stuttered, panicking to come up with an excuse until I finally lose hope when I saw Kahi joining him on the couch.




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