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The Facts about Infrared Sauna and How it Can be Essential

by lucyeury

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The renewing effects of heat go beyond time and transcend generations. From the sweat lodges of native Americans to the modern saunas of gym goers, humid air helps the body to remove toxins by sweating. As stated by medical specialists, a modern infrared sauna, like its traditional kind, calms both body and mind.

Benefits to the heart

There are more health benefits, though, that an individual can acquire from hanging out once in a while in an infrared sauna. Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon and one of Oprah Winfrey's most favorite medical professionals, believe in the cardiac advantages of this sauna. According to Dr. Oz, this little steam room triggers the heart of a person to beat faster. As such, blood flow is improved while blood pressure levels are stabilized.

Detoxing effects

Dr. Lori of Wellness Hour, on the other hand, marks the detoxifying effect of a far infrared sauna. The skin, much like the kidneys, can remove toxins from the body through sweating, therefore improving the immune system's functionality. When the body is devoid of toxins, diseases are kept at bay and general well-being is promoted. Moreover, an infrared sauna can provide the skin a healthier appearance because pores are cleared by the method of sweating. The skin keeps its elasticity and moisture, stopping unwanted marks like acne.

Metabolism development

When one sweats, overall metabolism speeds up. Doctor Oz says that staying in an infrared sauna for under an hour can help one drop 600 to 700 calories. The body's natural response to the heat released by the sauna is to eliminate it by trying to cool down. The side effects of the invisible struggle include enhanced heart rate, cardiac output, and increased metabolism. Worked together, these body responses help to burn calories.

Medical specialists welcome the concept of infrared saunas as a safe and new approach to be in great shape. For health buffs and average folk, this is another strategy of removing pounds and toxins that their bodies don't need. Browse through more about this subject by visiting or

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