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Two Great Reasons to Get Permanent Makeup in California

by EmergeBeauty

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Exquisitely shaped brows and ruby red lips aren't just whimsical notions of beauty found in fairy tales and children's books about princesses. Real women like you can also have eyebrows that looked perfectly plucked all the time. You also get to choose the right tint of rouge to apply on your lips to make it look plump and pink. Permanent makeup will never stain shirt collars or lose its color after you ate your dinner and drank your wine. And, you can stop wasting 30 to 60 minutes of your time and energy each day just to put on your makeup.


Save Time and Energy in Putting on Your Makeup


With permanent makeup on, you'll probably spend no more than ten to fifteen minutes to get ready for another day at work, to dress up for a special occasion, or to get in the mood for an intimate evening with someone you love. During the day, you can go for a "barely there" look with nude makeup. Just dab and rub liquid primer and skin-smoothening foundation on your face and apply some bronzing powder on your cheeks and nose. Lastly, smear a thin layer of pale pink gloss on your lips and you're done! The tattooed lip liner provides a shapely definition to your smile.


For an evening gala or dinner party, transform your simple daytime look by swiping a colorful blend of shimmering powder over your eyelids and dusting down the surrounding areas with dark eye shadow for a smudged effect. The permanent eyeliner won't get smudged, but it creates an intense look for your eyes. Meanwhile, the already painted lips can be further darkened to burgundy or enhanced to a bright vermillion with lipstick.


Stay Healthy and Beautiful from Morning 'til Night


An important advice to people who use makeup frequently is to never forget to wipe it off before going to bed. Not only does it soil your pillowcases and bed sheets, it also encourages bad pimple breakouts and an increased growth of blackheads on your face. The sweat and sebum on your skin turns the remnant chemicals from the cosmetics and the dirt from environmental pollutants into a grimy mixture that clogs the skin pores and causes oil glands to swell from bacterial infection. These microorganisms not only cause acne vulgaris, but also spread diseases as in the case of the Salmonella and E. coli bacteria.


Generally, cosmetic products contain synthetic ingredients, such as harsh chemicals, that can cause your skin to lose essential moisture and a portion of its collagen supply. Frequent use of makeup also forces a person to thoroughly cleanse the facial and neck areas and exfoliate the topmost epidermal layer to discourage acne and other skin blemishes.


Aside from keeping your skin healthy, tattooed makeup also gives a woman the edge each morning. She looks beautiful and sexy every time she wakes up next to her husband or lover in bed. Her mascara and eyeliner will never be smudged and her lips remain as invitingly plump and red as the night before. As a treatment that caters to a person's vanity, permanent makeup in San Mateo, CA doesn't seem like a bad idea after all.


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