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Why you should defrag your hard disk periodically?

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Your PC is your closest companion – bringing the entire world closer to you. It lets you catch up with your friends and colleagues through social networking websites, helps you browse the Internet and do online shopping. But when one fine morning you might wake up and find your machine slow and less responsive. In fact all programs, apps are running at the snail’s pace. It is surely not a virus related issue as well because you have already installed the most effective antivirus software on your PC.  If you are in such a mess, then it is the right time to de-fragment your hard drive.

Is hard drive defrag a necessity for every PC? Is it helpful in improving the speed and performance of your PC? These are certain questions that you may have in your mind before hard disk defragmentation. In this article you will find useful information about why hard disk defrag is important and how it helps in improving the system’s performance.

Before anything else, you must understand that your hard disk is a hardware device that receives information from the CPU every time you save some files and install or uninstall any program or app. Because the hard drive has not been built in a way that can itself effectively organize the data, it writes the files or data to the first available place on the drive. As you keep on saving files, installing and uninstalling programs, the hard drive becomes disorganized and therefore fragmented. 

Once the user feeds commands to fetch data or programs into his PC, the hard drive first tries to retrieve some data from files or applications that are stored in the outer layer of the hard disk, some from the middle and rest from the inner layer of the hard drive. After fetching data from various locations, it reorganizes the files before sending the same back to the CPU. In the process of performing such a long series of actions, the PC starts running slow. The fragmentation of hard disk is majorly responsible for slowing down the PC.

The best way to get rid of such issues is to run a defrag program. Once you run the defrag program, it puts the fragmented pieces together again. The defragmentation lets the files to be organized properly that ensure quicker loading of applications and files. PC experts recommend hard disk fragmentation after every two or three months. Periodic defragging is considered to be an ideal practice for every PC user. Remember, if you are one of the users who frequently install and uninstall programs then you may consider running defrag programs more frequently.

Once you finish the hard disk defrag, you will realize noticeable improvement in the speed and performance of your PC. In particular, the files and applications will start loading quicker than before. It means that it is important to defrag your hard drive periodically as it helps in reorganizing the fragmented files and applications on the hard drive and thus improve the performance of the PC.


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