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Increasing Connections Between Mind, Body, and Spirit

by gururattana

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Kundalini is much more than yoga – it is actually a discipline that focuses on the connections between the mind, body and spirit in order to increase one’s strength, character and awareness. Through this discipline individuals may improve their sensory awareness, their individual consciousness, and their connection with God. Kundalini is a blend of meditation and yoga, which makes it a unique way to stay fit while embracing one’s spirituality and improving the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Kundalini Yoga was first introduced the Western hemisphere in the late 20th century when Yogi Bhajan broke tradition in order to reveal the secrets of this practice to help the troubled individuals he observed in the West. Yogi Bhajan saw the rampant spread of drug culture and aimed to use this form of yoga to improve upon the mental and physical well-being of these individuals. Over a course of time, Kundalini became more popular and mainstream, which led to many new followers of the discipline, as well as teachers that sought to spread the practice throughout the world.

While there are many gurus and teachers currently providing lessons about Kundalini, there are a few that are notable, including Guru Rattana, Gurmukh, the founder of the premiere Kundalini Yoga and meditation center in Los Angeles, and Maya Fiennes, a former pianist who now combines music and meditation for her own personal blend of Kundalini. These individuals have taught thousands about Kundalini and have made great strides to make this discipline even more widely accepted in the West.

Kundalini lessons are available at nearby studios or they are available in the form of video or DVD. Many teachers, including Maya Fiennes, have published extensive collections in order to make practicing Kundalini much easier for individuals. Individuals can improve the body, mind, and spirit connection in the comfort of their home with the use of videos and DVDs available from Yoga Technology.

Angie Robinson is a mother of two that lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She owns and operates a small boutique in town, but her main passion, besides her lovely children, is yoga and veganism. She practices yoga daily and offers valuable information about Yoga Tech ( to individuals interested in learning more.

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