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Choosing the Right Shared Office Space for Your Needs

by blightyworkspace

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Working from home then moving to a shared workspace is exciting but you should not rush the process. This is a big move for you and your company and there are several aspects to consider when choosing the right office space. Whether you are seeking creative entrepreneurs shared workspace or you are a startup company looking for their first office space, it is important that the office and the business are the right match.

When your business and the workspace match, moving not only becomes easier but your new office can even make your more productive and grow your business. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the right shared office space for your needs:

Know What You Want – Before searching for shared office spaces, you should make a list of things that you are looking for in an office. This could be as menial as having complimentary beverage service or something more important like access to a meeting room and certain computer equipment, a couple of times a month.

After determining your criteria for a shared office space, you can then look for workspace in london. Compare several options before making a final decision. You should also list down their prices, services and equipment that each space can provide you. By doing this, you are assured that you are getting the best deal possible.

One office space may be more expensive than another but the free deals and perks may make it more beneficial to your workflow or business. When looking into shared office spaces, you should not only look at the monthly price for using the space but the expenses of working in that space as well.

Location of the Office – Location is another important factor when choosing an office space. If you are used to working from home, you may want to choose an office location that is a short commute from there. Depending upon your preferences, business and work flow, you may choose an office space that is closer to the city centre or further away but closer to your home. Choosing an office space is similar to buying real estate. Location is key. The location of your shared office space will impact your enjoyment of the office and your clients’ perception of the business.

The Space – Another important aspect to consider when choosing an office space is if the space will work for your business’s needs. Imagine the spatial flow of the office and test-fit desks and storage if possible. By envisioning the layout of your office furniture, you can easily determine if the space can or cannot work for your needs.
You should also ask your office space provider if you have the ability to decorate the office. And if you can do so, what exactly are the restrictions. Knowing the rules when it comes to decorating will save you a lot of money when you end up moving out of that space.

Office Access – Depending upon your working style, you may need to access your office during the weekends or in the evenings. An important factor when looking for an office space provider is if they provide 24-hour access to the office space. For those whose businesses revolve on meetings, you may need nighttime or weekend access to meeting rooms. Make sure that the shared office you are choosing fits your needs before committing to anything.

Keeping these criteria in mind before choosing a shared office will ensure that your chosen space will fit not only your workflow but the needs of your business as well. Take your time when choosing a space and always ask the office space provider the details of renting that office which could affect your workflow and business.

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