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Hamsa necklace, a lucky charm and a protective amulet

by TimelessJewelry

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Hamsa necklace is considered to be a lucky charm. It’s named after its Semitic and Arabic roots “hamsa” and “khamsa” respectively, which means five. It is in the shape of a palm with five fingers and both Jews and Muslims use it as a protection from evil spirits and unexpected mishaps.

Hamsa jewelry is known for its healing powers. Hamsa necklace is also known as the protective amulet that protects humans from the negative effects of evil eyes, which are responsible for everything from financial misfortunes to sorrow and illnesses. Most of the misfortunes strike a person, because he is always in the limelight and there are thousands of people who cast envious glances upon him and his assets. This is mystic and its secrets are unknown, but humankind has been using it since time immemorial and getting benefited from it, as well.

Amulets such as Hamsa necklace are prevalent since prehistoric era and many ancient civilizations such as Egyptians and Greeks used it as a lucky charm and protective shields against the evil spirits. The five books of old and new testaments are also said to be related to this. The mystic hand with five fingers is known as the divine hand, which forms a protective shield for the wearer.

According to the mystical beliefs, devil is all around you and he is enviously watching your assets, possessions, happiness, health, beauty, offspring and success. Therefore he cannot tolerate it and cast his evil eye through another envious man or woman. Now, it can be disastrous for all your possessions and success. It can ruin your health, happiness, charm and prosperity and cause death and destruction in your family and house.    

People choose to wear Hamsa necklaces out of the belief that it can bring happiness to their life. In modern era, when these things are hitting humanity in the worst form, people are now realizing the power of ancient wisdom and more and more people are adopting it.

Parents are worried about careers and studies of their children, as evil eyes cast a real bad influence upon it. They are seeking divine and reliable protection and jewelry like this comes as a sigh of relief. It’s evident that any negligence during the student life cast a very bad shadow upon careers and its ill effects last for a lifetime. The miserable children are never able to lead a normal and happy life, once their careers get off-track.

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