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Garden Sheds – Shopping for the most suitable ones

by Dabneywalker

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We are all familiar with garden sheds that have been made from metal or wood, after all they are a common feature on a good part of America’s landscape. Most modern sheds are a combination of metal and lumber for the joists, rafters, centers and floor support systems. Nonetheless, these two materials have a common enemy i.e. the moisture or water that causes the rusting and rotting of metal and wood respectively. Over the years this issue has been addressed through painting but an even better solution is now available in vinyl siding. Vinyl carries with it several advantages, with the most prominent being the ease of maintenance and construction.


Garden sheds are meant to be used around the garden area for not only storing garden tools, equipment and supplies, but also as the venue for doing simple garden jobs such as mixing chemicals and repairing garden equipment. These are also excellent structures where you can get on with your hobbies unperturbed. They can also be used as playhouses for kids and also for purposes of backyard organization.


Storage sheds are mainly available in two styles - the apex or inverted “A” roof and the inverted “U” roof type sheds, and both of these come in various designs. If you desire a country design then the mini barn style will suffice, while a stately look is possible with the carriage style. If maximum storage space is your goal then the high barn is excellent.


Garden sheds are largely available as prebuilt structures but there is always the customization option whereby the shed can be tailored to your own unique requirements in terms of colors, size, and additional features such as workbenches and flower boxes. Most sheds feature shingle roofing but there is always the option of a metal roof. As you can see there are plenty of possibilities with garden sheds and therefore it is quite improbable that you will miss out on one which will adequately address your needs.


Before you purchase any storage shed always take time to assess the soundness of the structure that is holding it up. Here you should consider the rafters, floor joists and the floor support system. Garden sheds also need ventilation, sizeable doors and ramps to facilitate the easy entry and removal of the items to be stored. Lighting is another vital aspect and therefore we should also consider the size and type of windows that the shed will feature.


A brief market research will reveal that painted or vinyl-covered sheds cost more and are much stronger than the plain metal type. This has made them the products of choice for many people who are looking to buy sturdy structures that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.


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