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Low-calorie fruit detox and weight loss eating ways to lose

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The fruit is a food representative for the woman’s eyes ways to lose weight, and some fruit is not only tasty, as well as weight loss miracle. So, jump, which eat fruits to lose weight? Now, Xiao bian inventory for you eight kinds of fruit spring weight loss, you make happy lean cuisine.

1 carambola
Calories: 29 calories / 100 grams
After dinner to eat a few slices Carambola solution tired, but the best herbal slimming pills. And carambola fruit is a nutritionally complete weight loss miracle. Carambola contains oxalic acid, citric acid, Malic acid can promote the digestion that contains fiber and Sanso solution heat internal organs, bowels Qingzao bowel.

(2) Strawberries
Calories: 30 calories / 100 g
Very tasty and tender and soft, rich aroma of strawberries, was always a favorite of women. There is a certain anti-obesity and strawberry-oh. Strawberries contain a lot of vitamins and fruit acids, to a certain extent on the nutritional needs of the human physiology to meet the acid can effectively increase the stomach feel saturated.

3 Lemons
Calories: 35 calories / 100 grams
Lemon juice always a the MM recognized weight loss drinks. Diastolic soft blood vessels hypnosis for weight loss, accelerate the blood circulation, but also on the gastro-intestinal digestion to strengthen. This allows you to eliminate body toxins excess subcutaneous fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

4 Guava
Calories: 41 calories / 100 grams
Guava are nutritious, vitamin C citrus 8 times the iron content of seed is better than other fruits, and guava fruit to lose weight, you can also the number one adjuvant treatment of diabetes.

5. Pear
Calories: 46 calories / 100 grams
Juicy, sweet, fresh, delicious Pear, rich in fiber and pectin, which effect green coffee, relieving the body of accumulated wastes and prevent constipation.

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