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Innovative Tips for Decorations with Washi Tapes

by justartifacts

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Washi tape is a versatile and simple looking decorating tape that is beautiful in making your item look exclusive. Washi tapes are the sticky tapes similar to those cellophane tapes that we usually use. However, the decorative Washi tapes are unique and have king-size qualities, which make them an ideal decorative item for embellishing the interiors, as well as items. The exciting qualities it has make it a special decorative item for various uses.

Washi tapes are made up of simple rice paper with brilliantly crafted patterns of some attractive symbols. The tapes are more than just a sticky tape and are available in various designs. Different types of tapes like Star Washi tapes, Polka Dotted Washi tapes, Floral Washi tapes, etc. can be used to ameliorate your interiors. Moreover, the tapes are semi-transparent with matt finish and therefore, can easily be used for adding designs to your existing artifacts, scrapbook, pages, wooden cutlery and much more. You just need to be innovative, and you can make everything look prettier and attractive using these simple sticky tapes.

In case, you are confused about how to use such versatile decorative element for embellishing your interiors, as well as belongings. Here are some tips.

6 Innovative Tips for Decorations with Washi Tapes

The Washi tape comes with two good qualities i.e. you can afford it and it has solid adhesiveness. These qualities will make sure that your decorations remain for a longer time. You can follow the tips below for adoring your interiors as well as belongings with the decorative Washi tapes.

  1. You can pick the fused bulb and can wrap different Floral Washi tapes around it. Collect 6-7 such bulbs and decorate them with colorful tapes. Take a basket and place these in a bush. You have just created a master centerpiece for your dining table.
  2. Do you often wish to use wooden cutlery, but its boring look resists you from using it? Not anymore. In order to make your brunch/dinner exciting, adore your cutleries with polka dotted Washi tapes. The small polka dots with attractive colors will impress your guests and will add an extra wow factor with food. Now, the eating utensils are not less than what we have in restaurants.
  3. Pick your old clock, which is kept unused in your drawers/store for years. Take Chevron Washi Tapes of different colors and stick them as your clock’s background horizontally with proper alignment. Now, take a contrasting color and stick them for indicating the numbers. Use Star Washi Tapes for small touch ups. Now, you will smile every time you see decorated clock.
  4. Find out the most boring and dullest artifacts in your house. Surprisingly, you may end up collecting many items like vase, ceramic trays, bottle, glass, candleholder, etc. Pick Star Washi tape of different colors, and stick them around their solid borders. For example, in case of vase, stick the tape at the bottom making a mesh or symmetric alignments of different colors.
  5. You can decorate the cupboard hangers by wrapping light colored Washi tapes all around it. Even, you can decorate bracelets, hair clips and bangles with Patterned Washi Tapes. As the tapes are available with good adhesive property, you can even use it as emergency nail polish aid. You can even decorate your dull looking purse into vibrant and attractive accessory.
  6. You can decorate your study table by sticking the tapes all over the edges. You furbish your penholder by wrapping three colored W-tapes with equal distance. Moreover, the tapes are semi-transparent and thus, you can stick them on your computer’s keyboard and can add an impressive designing to your boring plain keyboard.

Apart, from above-mentioned tips, there are various other ways of decorating your interior as well as your belongings. You just need to be innovative and have to think out-of-box for creating such fancy-looking artifacts. Look no further and buy different colored and patterned Washi tapes, and experience the difference.

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