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Importance of the Grease Traps and Their Functions

by greasetraps

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A grease trap is a very important part of a waste disposal system. It doesn’t matter if it is hooked up to septic tanks in the house or attached to the city sewers in many commercial ventures. However, the cleaning of grease traps is not given equal significance, it is very important because the if don’t pay proper attention towards cleaning, then we create chances for the breaking of the septic tanks and it can pollute the public water systems with unwanted waste. Therefore, it is advisable to use the standard grease traps for your septic tanks installed at home or at business setups.

Why the grease interceptors are important?

All forms of waste can be disposed except the grease and oil; it never really matters if they are in the solid or liquid form. These two substances are one of the hardest to process therefore for them we employ the grease traps. These substances take a lot of time to completely break down and decompose.

If you start filtering the waste with the normal measures, then you can collect the oil from solid wastes in the pipes of the drain and solid waste tank. As we know oil is heavier, it will build up and in the coming days it will clog many pipes and the entire system. 

To protect your drainage system and your pipes all you need to do is to have a good grease trap that will help in extracting out the oil and grease from your drainage system.

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