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How to Hide Your Private Videos

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Majority of the people do not want to share absolutely everything with the world. There are certain things which you only want to keep within yourself. It may be some sort of literature, poetry, pictures or even videos that you create with pure heart; it can be very close to your heart. Consequently, you do not want to show it to others. Your secret videos may be saved somewhere physically or virtually on your PC. If you have some embarrassing videos, you can use basic hiding techniques as well as opt for data security software which can lock and hide videos.

One of the basic techniques of hiding your private videos is to save them in an invisible folder. Creating an invisible folder is not a difficult task to perform. There are detailed instructions available on the internet; you can easily find step-by-step instruction on websites. Another way of hiding you private videos is to hide them by making a “hole in the wall”, which is the most basic method of securing your private videos from prying eyes. These techniques are effective to make the videos inaccessible, but are not fool proof methods. Anyone can discover these pictures out of an invisible folder or hole in the wall who have some reasonable know how about the windows.

The most recommended way to hide your private videos is to password protect them using data security software like Folder Lock. Folder Lock acts as a Folder Locker. And you can keep as many videos in your encrypted locker as you please. There is no way that anyone can see your videos because of the password protection. Folder Lock will make your videos inaccessible without the password.

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