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Lighten the Load on Your Shoulders with Frame Bags

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The more you look around you the more you will be amazed how things are being constantly invented to make your life simpler.  An interesting thing I came across (which many of you might already know about) is frame bags.  Those who consider cycling a little more than a past-time hobby will definitely require one of these.  If you are travelling longer distances or tough, isolated terrains there are many things you must carry including your bike safety accessories.  Though a backpack has always been a popular choice, you will notice that overloading your backpack can actually mess with your equilibrium; that is where these bags come handy.

The frame bag utilises the natural space already present in your bike, around the frame of your bike.  These bags are usually triangular shaped so that they can utilise the maximum space possible.  There are various sizes of bags available to suit the different frames.  However, I guess it is understood that the bikes that have dual suspension or bottle cages or both would definitely need to go for the smaller bags.  If you try to stuff the bigger bags in those cramped frames, you might find that the sides have bulged and are repeatedly brushing against your leg.  Prolonged and continuous brushing is not a pleasant experience trust me!

The frame bag system ingeniously uses a very simple rule of physics.  By loading up the central frame of the bike, you are managing to keep the central of gravity low, which helps you maintain your equilibrium.  When you are in the tough terrains, just as you need the bike safety accessories to keep you safe a little bit of physics does not hurt either.  There are many kinds of bags available in the market to suit the different needs.  You can go for a single compartment bag to maximise the storage space or you can go for multiple compartments to organise the smaller things like maps, etc.  Most of these bags are weatherproof and have internal padding to keep your little knick knacks from jingling about.

If you are one of those, who ride their bicycles to work might be quite tired of the sweaty backpacks. Not only that you might even worry whether the excess moisture is harming your precious gadgets!  Now there are even sleek laptop frame bags available which hang vertical, well within the frame of your bike and is capable of carrying A 4 sized papers as well as laptops.  Now all you need to do is tuck in the little bike safety accessories like the bike lock in the little pockets and your royal steed is ready to carry you to work in style!

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