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How to Change Your Lifestyle to Avoid Varicose Veins

by ambersmith

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You can get rid of your varicose veins by considering certain medical procedures and following some lifestyle alterations. You will not only enhance the appearance of your legs, reduce warning signs and prevent risks. If you are experiencing only a few symptoms of the situation, you may make some alterations on your lifestyle.

1. Your work may need you to wear high heel dress shoes but you may do some tactics to reduce the time you may have them on your feet. As an example, consider removing your shoes and wearing slippers as you work on your desk. Along the way, you are reducing your use of high heel shoes. More valuable, you are also toning your calf muscles thereby permitting blood to circulate over the veins.

2. As much as you can, do not wear tight clothes, particularly those that hold your groin, waist and leg tightly. A similar thing may put pressure on your veins if you use low heel but restricted shoes. It does not only make you feel awkward but it also inhibits the circulation of the blood on your feet.

3. Raise your legs as you sit down, rest or sleep but it is far better if you elevate them above your heart. If you are used to crossing your legs when you sit, then it is time to refrain from this and be seated typically.

4. Do not stand for a longer period of time. If you're a sales lady or a guard and you can’t keep away from standing, at least find a few minutes to rest, such as during breaks. The same thing goes if you take a seat for a longer period of time.

5. Do some physical exercises to permit leg motion. This will improve your muscle tone. As mentioned above, this allows blood to pass through your veins. The same thing happens if you suffer from obesity. You simply must lose weight to increase blood flow and take the burden out of your veins.

6. Seek out help from the use of panty hose or compression stockings. This prevents the progression of varicose veins. You may as well consider buying spandex pants. It gives pressure to your legs.

7. You may be busy from 8am to 5pm because of your office jobs, but you may still perform some workouts like heel slips. Firstly, bend your knees. Slowly, slip your heels backward and forward. Do 10 on your right heel and another 10 on your left heel.

8. Strictly follow a balanced diet. It can provide you with nutrients that can assist in the prevention of varicose veins.

Varicose veins help remind you that you are not getting any younger. They start to cause you to feel embarrassed with your legs, waist and others. Now, you will no longer wear shorts that show your skin. But other than this, they are a condition that must be dealt with. While you still have time, try to create some changes in your way of living. If not, talk to a medical expert to undergo therapy.


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