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To get good marks in CBSE class XII  one must follow few tips about how one should study to gain maximum knowledge from his school and from his book the books may be CBSE books or NCRT books. The student are of two type one is “marks-centric students" and other is knowledge-seeking students. in CBSE Class XII both type of student can get good marks by following the rule define below.

 Always be punctual and regular

Take all the classes of your CBSE class XII in your school and coaching class if so. It is the most essential pre-requisite for learning. You cannot get away with this. You can miss extremely important points even by leaving a single class. And in emergency if you have to miss the class plane the topic which will be missed by you before taking the leave.

Always make Notes

Take down notes as much as possible in class and Try to write each and verything teacher utters in the class. There are certain things in CBSE class XII which teachers love to mention again and again. These are the things which you should know very well. In CBSE class XII there are lots of points which a student forget during the examination to get better memory make a question of such thinks and write the answer of this doing this will increase the memory for the particular topics. And try to marks important points by different color pen this will focus the point which are important for CBSE class XII .Taking notes is important because thats what you will need to learn. Even if you are that kind of student who is not interested in studies, you should make notes because they will be very beneficial in your CBSE class XII.

 Read your CBSE class XII textbook and NCRT books

At the heart of your seeking knowledge lies the book reading. Books give you the detailed explanation of what you learnt in class. There are many topics that you cannot understand fully in class. Only your textbook can help you out then. NCRT books are very concise books so some time you feel problem in understanding the concept for this you can follow some other author books for reference, and your main book remain NCRT for CBSE class XII . there must be a perfect balance between your notes and your main book

 Discuss the concepts you learnt with your friends.

Discussing concepts and numerical that you have learned helps in retaining them in memory and better understanding the subject of CBSE class XII. It also helps in correcting yourself. Sometimes it happens that one makes a certain concept about a thing and this concept turns out to be incorrect later. You can detect your faults very fast just by discussing. But avoid combine studies as it kills lot of time


 Listen to the teacher carefully in your school and coaching class it is very important habit

Teachers just don't talk about boring topics but also about their experiences related with the particular topic which is very important to build a better depth in the subject. You should try to learn from other people's experience because life is too short to learn from your own experience. You can obviate difficulties just by learning from the experience of the experienced people.


 Have good relations with teacher and always give respect to your teacher

This is important to gain good marks in CBSE class XII. Although you should not count on this fully but having good relations with teacher helps you to understand the subject and to discuss your CBSE class XII problems .Don't hesitate to ask questions from teachers.

No question is a stupid question. Asking questions not only helps you to understand but also refreshes the mind of those who already know the answer. Teachers generally love to have questions from students. Moreover, asking questions shows that the student is following the lecture and is really interested in studies. It makes a good impression on teacher and increase your learning ability.

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