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The Practical Advantages of a USB Web key

by connectweb1

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In this age of technology, we have seen the emergence of great many solutions to our business scenario and it has become quite a mandatory aspect for survival in this market. One such unique method to better our marketing efforts has given rise to one such solution known as web key. These devices are designed to be used with USB ports same as any other USB device and the way they work is that they store a landing webpage which is automatically visited each time the device is plugged in. Recent trends in marketing have shown these to do be a very effective tool of communication between businesses and its prospects. Giving out USB flash drives loaded with product info, user manual, warranty etc has been a method adopted by many businesses. However, this new solution has an edge over the traditional USB drives which we try to bring to light in the following article.


Even though the cost of the regular USB device is falling, USB keys are simply the more cost-effective alternative. Since they are designed to open up a landing page as soon as they are plugged in, they do not have a need for read and write memory which cuts down the cost. The ultimate aim of such endeavors of giving out USB devices is to communicate with our customers and prospects which can quite effectively be done by using this innovation.


What is a web key and how can we use it to reach our prospects can be the two questions that you could ask to spice up your marketing strategy.  Since these devices can be in the form of micro chips that are used with USB ports, they offer a flexible solution to our communication requirements. Brochures can now be embedded with these devices which will definitely grab the attention of its recipients and set up a stage for communication. Advertising cards could also have these devices which have the ability to engage our audience in a unique way which is on quite a different level.

Replace Paper

Any product in today’s market comes with a set of documents such as warranty card, user manuals and FAQs, instructions etc. By using an USB key, we can eliminate the use of paper for these documents. The landing page stored of the key can contain all of these and any other required documents. This not only contributes to our savings but is also a green initiative to reduce our carbon footprint.

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