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Personalized Learning: Simplify the Process of Teaching

by liyo89

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In this competitive world, a nation’s education system becomes the backbone of economic development. In fact, a good education system is not only a necessity to mold youthful talents in becoming successful global civilians but to increase a nation’s GDP. The increased demands on the educational system have made effective school administration more complex. Hence, educators and administrators alike can greatly benefit from utilizing technological tools like student management system that are linked to the Common Core to help nativagate this complex task. The use of various management systems had been quite prevalent over the past few years and its benefits have been well documented.

Nowadays, highly developed technology are expansively being utilized to revolutionize school management by streamlining education-related procedures. There are a number of online educational sources available that can offer an extensive variety of educational products and services to simplify the process of learning and teaching to enhance the educational experience. These sources are highly effective in providing a workable system for the administrators while at the same time provide efficient learning tools to students. Learner First has created the next generation in student information system that can aid teachers in Personalized Learning from the data collected, which can drive student achievement and address individual needs and interest.

Today data management systems are not an optional tool that can simply monitor your academic programs, but a system that become a necessity to improve and drive instruction and student achievement. Learner First flagship product does just this. It is based on a legacy product SmartSES and is called CORE: The Performance Profiling Portal.  CORE tracks student performance in one integrated system that includes 4 major components:



1) T-DNA (Teacher DNA)

  • APPR Reporting

  • SLO (Student Learning Objectives) Manager

  • Teacher Evaluation System 


2) I-DN (Instructional DNA)

  • Assessment System (paper and electronic)

  • Lesson Planner

  • Curriculum Mapping

  • Rubric builder (including individual and group profiles)


3) S-DNA (Student DNA)

  • Student Information System (SIS)

  • Behavioral Tracking System

  • Gradebook


4) R-DNA (Reporting DNA)

  • Reporting

  • Race to the Top (RttT)



Core provides an efficient way of coordinating and organizing information by creating unique user profiles. By combining multiple systems in one; Core reduces the amount of time spent for manual input required while giving more depth of information. These profiles will contribute productively to the educational process and take teaching and learning to the next level. Teacher Evaluation or APPR module that gives promotes effective professional development and pedagogical approaches leverage this data as well.

So, if you are currently looking for a proactive software solution, simply go to for the right technological tools and solutions.



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