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Multiple Storage system for your office and factory

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Different types of equipments are available for making your space more efficient and classy. These days the Market is flooded with such idealistic concepts and innovative idea, hence making it easy for you to decide which one you need to select according to your requirements. For heavy industries, solutions needed should be of concrete types and for light industries, you need a solution which is on the side is too durable and on the other should be too spacious. Here are listed some of the products and multi utility products which can be useful for different types of functional areas:-

Slotted Angle racks – These angle racks can be used in any type of working areas which can be used for making best use of wall space, left idle at most of the industrial location. These angles can be used for keeping almost every light and heavy things.
Mobile Compactor – These mobile Compactors are perfect not just for keeping the goods but also the files, papers and documents. They are mostly kept in libraries, public offices or corporate offices to keep them safe from external agencies.
Mezzanine floors - These are temporary floors used when the ceiling height is good enough to accommodate a horizontal separation in it. These can be removed or installed according to the needs. But choose only the best Mezzanine floor Manufacturer to get the A1 quality of the floors and material. They are available in customized sizes and colours which you can choose according to yourself. For everything else you can contact the manufacturer only and he will send the experts to fit it in your place
Drawers, Cabins – These are the cheapest source of space enhancer when you are looking for something which is cheap and good enough to give you enough space for accommodating and managing your spaces.
MEK Structural Engineering is a leading mobile rack manufacturer offering structural as well as  mechanical options to manage space and its efficiency at its best. Other than this, not just the cheap priced commodity but the durable ones are readily available here. MEK engineering is one of the leading names  in the field of providing structural space solutions for industrial use. To know more about them, you can visit mekengineering(dot)com or can search online for our name. We have delivered best of the best services to the leading corporate offices in the world and promise you the commitment of excellence when it comes to spectacular space solutions.

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