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Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

by anonymous

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Excessive computer use can lead to a number of eye problems and visual disturbances including eye strain, dry eyes, squinting and general discomfort in the eyes. So what can one do to save his/her eyes from strain caused by a computer screen? Proper eye care and exercises for tired eyes are essential for keeping the eyes healthy and stress free. It also relieves them of tiredness caused by computer screens.


Here are some helpful eye care tips -


  • Take frequent breaks: To avoid restlessness and eye strains, do not stare at the computer screen for a long time. Take a break of 7-10 minutes, after continuously working for an hour in front of the computer.

  • Move your eyes: You don't have to move away from your seat after every hour. Just don’t look at the computer screen and move your eyes clockwise, then anticlockwise, then top to bottom and then left to right. Do it at least three times after every hour of continuous sitting.

  • Blink your eyes: Frequently blinking your eyes will prevent them from getting dry and provide necessary lubrication. This will also refresh your eyes and will also reduce the eyestrain.

  • Wear computer glasses: Specially designed computer glasses are also recommended by eye doctors for those who constantly work in front of a computer. These protect the eyes from getting a blurred vision or eye fatigue.


Simple Eye Exercises

Some general eye problems including itching, blurriness or fatigue are caused due to prolonged sitting in front of a computer. However, some simple eye exercises can help you avoid these common problems, strengthen your eye muscles and also improves vision. Few of them are incorporated below:


  • Palming: By doing this exercise your eyes are relieved of any kind of stress and feel relaxed. Before starting with this exercise you need to comfortably sit in a relaxing manner and deeply breathe for two to three times and close your eyes. Make a cup of your palm and place it over your eyes and the finger over your forehead without applying much pressure. Keep the palm over your eyes for a few minutes, twice or thrice a day. Your eye muscles will be relaxed and the strain will also be avoided.

  • Focusing: According to many Optometrists, this exercise will not only strengthen your eye muscles but will also improve the near and far sightedness. To do this exercise, sit comfortably on a chair. Extend your thumb up to 10 inches in front of you. Focus on it for a few minutes, and then focus on some other thing that is kept around 10 feet away from you. Then after few minutes, switch your gaze again to your thumb. Then keep on switching your eyes from the distant object to thumb and from the thumb to the object every time you breathe. Repeat the process for 15 minutes, two times a day for immediate effects.


The above mentioned eye care tips and exercises will surely relieve and comfort your tired eyes.





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