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Hints for the Best Baby Shower Gift

by avonharper7

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It is always an overwhelming feeling to become a parent especially if the baby is your first.  With this reason, families and friends usually organize baby showers to celebrate parenthood and the life of your precious baby.  Baby showers would also mean creative gift ideas from gift baskets by Gourmet Basket Australia.

You Have the Power to Choose

When giving the baby shower gift, you usually have two choices. The first is for you to make the gift on your own, or you can also purchase a ready-made gift.  The choice will all depend on you.  Whichever you think sticks to your purpose, then choose that gift.

Baby Theme Gifts

Baby showers are usually done with a party theme. By sticking to these themes, you are given a share in which items to put inside the basket that will practically relate with the given theme.  Here are some of the themes that are employed in baby showers.

  1. Nursery Themed Basket – you may find the baby crib furnishings such as the pads, linens, blanket, mat, and bedding are being put.  You can also add nursery rhyme or lullaby CDs, and some mind stimulating infant toys.
  2. Bathing Themed Basket – these are with the baby essentials needed in bathing like hypoallergenic soap, mild shampoo, baby hair brush, powder, cologne, diaper, and robe.
  3. Gourmet Themed Basket – for a healthier basket, opt for the baby’s healthy meals such as baby cereal, baby cookies, and the like.  You may also add tidbits of photos and miniature picture frames.
  4. Adventure Themed Basket – put in some baby clothes, shoes, toys, and other things that babies need in their outdoor adventure.

Age Dependent

Remember to put in age appropriate gift items inside your basket.  Infants are generally tiny in size, but it wouldn’t hurt to put in baby clothes that are sized bigger than the newly born.  If the expectant mother has toddler kids, you can also put additional clothes and toys that would suit the toddler.

On Christening

The various baby themed baskets are also applicable to christening celebrations.  Depending on the age of the newly christened, the gift items should clearly indicate the character of the baby or the person baptized.

Nursery Room Items

You may also opt to include nursery room items in your baby basket.  Such would include baby pillows, baby bottles, pacifiers, crib mattress, and more.  These are very much useful for the infant as it spares the parents from purchasing these materials already.

Babies or infants are delicate, so you have to keep this mind when coming up with a gift idea. Make sure all your gift items are safe for the baby to use.  Make sure that food items from gift baskets by Gourmet Basket Australia are proven safe and healthy for your precious baby recipients.


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