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Detailed Facts about Document Attestation

by authbridge

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Attestation of documents is one requirement that needs to be fulfilled before you set foot in the Middle East. Most of the GCC countries, including Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, have mandated document attestation as part of an India visa processing.

But why has been attestation made a mandatory step? In a foreign country, it is hard to prove the genuineness of an Indian document. Once your document is attested by the Indian signatory bodies, it effectively proves that the document is very much a genuine one.

Attestation requirements depend on the purpose of visiting the Middle East. It is required to be fulfilled if you need to visit the place on employment visa, student visa, dependent visa, business visa, etc. Of these, employment visa, student visa and business visa need attestation of a whole set of educational and non-educational certificates. On the other hand, visas like that of dependent visa require attestation of very specific number of certificates. Following are the certificates required to be attested on the basis of visa.

Employment visa- In most cases, attestation of education documents is the prime requirement. To be more specific, attestation of the highest education qualification document fulfils the requirement. It is best to confirm the attestation requirement from the employer as well.

Student visa- If a person is going for higher education, mark sheets of higher and senior secondary as well as other educational certificates would require attestation.

Business visa- All the documents related to the business, such as Memorandum of Association, Power of Attorney, certificates of origin and incorporation, would require attestation.

Dependent visa- Attestation requirements depend on who is applying for visa. For visa processing of spouse, marriage certificate would have to be attested. In case of kids, attestation of birth certificates would be required.

The ideal process of attestation starts with taking an educational document to the university and a non-educational document to an authorized attesting body. Based on this attestation, the educational document is then attested by the Human Resource department (HRD) and the non-educational document by home department. Further on, the Ministry of External Affairs and later the foreign country's embassy attest the documents. The process ends with the attestation from the foreign country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There are few points that one should remember before one gets his documents attested.

1. The whole document attestation process generally takes 15 to 20 days.

2. If, for any reason, a document is not attested by the HRD, then the document can be taken to the General Administrative Department (GAD).

All this information will surely help you in having a smooth attestation process.

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