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Reliable Hydro Turbine Manufacturers

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Hydro turbines use the potential energy in moving water to generate electricity. In ordinary ways, this is a reliable and continuous source of clean energy, and many companies use the advantage of this available source of energy. Hydro turbine suppliers today have to keep up with a competitive and eager market willing to take up as many machines as available. However, within this competitiveness, industrial pump manufacturers have begun to develop dual function machinery which serves as a pump, and also uses the flowing fluids inside to generate power.

The world is eagerly looking for everyday energy solutions. From solar panels, to wind turbines; companies are finding different ways to save energy and convert natural sources into usable electricity. Hydro turbines manufacturers are not very far from any industrial pump manufacturers. In fact, pumps work in the same principal as hydro turbines, and often the machine is the same, with minor technical adjustments and additions to facilitate electricity generation. This is a very lucrative stance for business.

Industrial pumps are used in almost every factory. They have a multitude of uses, from cleaning to distributing fluids across the factory. Hydro turbines used in mega electricity generation projects like hydro electric dams and river projects are basically massive versions of the same machine. When the fluid passes through a centrifugal pump, a small turbine in the flow path will be enough to generate electricity. By combining an industrial pump with an electricity generation function, hydro turbines suppliers can now do business at a smaller, more consumer based scale. Similarly, industrial pump manufacturers also have an advantage to make dual function pumps and compete with hydro turbine manufactures. Companies like Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. is one of the few companies who have combined the dual functions of a centrifugal pump and hydro turbine to a consumer friendly model.

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